Senior Director, Global Strategic Marketing, Pharmaceuticals 

“Prior to launch, we had an idea of what we wanted our brand to be but our team struggled to align on how to articulate it in a compelling way. Richard and the BDNI team were critical partners in helping us develop and refine our brand positioning. They challenged us to be aspirational and elevate our thinking to take the long view of the brand. The positioning statement we crafted with BDNI has served as our beachhead in our marketing efforts and continues to guide how we create that ‘WOW’ moment with our customers.”

Global Director and Head, Marketing Training, Medical Devices, Pharma and Consumer Products Company

“BDNI has been a trusted partner of our organization for over 15 years. Throughout my career in marketing, I have worked with numerous consultants and vendors on leading brands for our organization. The best-possible vendor/client relationship occurs when the vendor ceases to be a “vendor” and becomes a close confidant and friend. Such is the case with BDNI. Richard Czerniawski and Mike Maloney are consummate professionals with knowledge and experience which span several industries, from Big Pharma to CPG. They are continually identifying ways for brands to improve. I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to partner with BDNI and look forward to many more rewarding experiences to come.”

Worldwide Director, Marketing and Advertising College, Consumer, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Company

“BDNI is the ‘top choice’ for Marketing training and hands-on, direct application consulting. This senior management staffed organization conducted all our Marketing training globally in consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices during the ten-year period I headed our Marketing and Advertising College. Content for each of these programs was tailored to the individual sector and operating company needs, while maintaining the classic marketing concepts and disciplines so fundamental to successful brand building and breakthrough communications. Regardless of the sector, discipline or training program, BDNI always received the ‘top ratings’ by marketing participants from among all our training partners.”

“BDNI brings experienced, hands-on perspective to a variety of Marketing Consulting engagements. Consulting is based upon their actual, varied and successful marketing experience. They go beyond the theoretical consulting approach offered by those in the academic and formal consulting space to embrace actual best practices, quality processes and proven principles grounded in their real-life experiences.”

“When we work with BDNI we know we’re dealing with senior practitioners who actually practiced what they recommend – former client marketers who have participated and contributed in those important board-level presentations, business – marketing plan reviews, and Agency creative development sessions.”

Marketing Director, U.S. Surgical

“Richard and Mike at BDNI have become a staple in our marketing development and planning processes. Whether helping newer marketers establish core competencies, or challenging our more experienced marketers to refine and sharpen their strategic decision-making skills. Having this type of candid, experienced, and consultative partnership is essential for our team’s continued development and growth.” 

Global Marketing Director, Pharmaceuticals

“We have been working with BDNI during several phases of the brand life and they supported us in shaping a clear, competitive positioning for the brand at launch making sure it was differentiating and anchored to a unique brand idea when entering a new competitive therapeutic area. Subsequently they supported us in evolving it with the inclusion of important clinical data soon to become available, “pro-sitioning” the brand while maintaining the core essence. The exercise led to the conceptualization of a new brand campaign which is driving positive behavior change in our target customer. Richard and Mike are able to leverage their deep knowledge and coach the team to uncover and leverage a competitive advantage to drive customer preference and achieve the market leadership.”

Head of Global Patient Marketing, Medical Devices

“If your company is in a ‘marketing transformation journey’ and you are looking for a world class training program, BDNI will not only meet but exceed all your expectations. We have had multiple training sessions with Richard and Mike and the feedback from the audience have always been outstanding. What I love most about their training is it is very actionable and gives you great principles that can work across different sectors. Also the team always walk away with a great sense of inspiration to think differently about themselves as marketing leaders and motivation to take their work to the next level.”

Global Marketing Director, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

“Richard and Mike excel in training marketing and product managers on positioning and building the brand.  They provide the experience and expertise to take managers through the concept development phase all the way through creative execution. The magic they provide is in the very creative ways they teach which provides unique and valuable learning experiences. Their books CREATING BRAND LOYALTY and COMPETITIVE POSITIONING are a wealth of information and must reads.  Their training programs have been priceless in helping prepare our marketers for product launches around the world in the surgical and pharmaceutical business.”

Marketing Specialist, Learning & Consumer Expert Engagement, DTC, Pharmaceuticals

We chose to incorporate BDNI’s Leadership Brand Communications into our marketing training curriculum to enhance our employee’s skillset in communication strategy, campaign development, and agency coaching. Richard and Mike provided us with valuable and actionable external perspectives that changed the way our employees think and act. The program participants walked out of the training with a different point of view and new learnings that they could implement immediately.

They worked closely with our team to customize the content and examples to ensure everything was relevant for our group. We highly recommend BDNI and the Leadership Brand Marketing Communications program for those considering trainings to develop their employee’s marketing communication competencies.”

Vice President, Marketing, Medical Devices

“BDNI ran a course for my entire marketing team and it was undoubtedly one of the best marketing workshops we had ever conducted. BDNI came highly recommended to me by another colleague and they certainly did not disappoint. The two-day course was engaging, enlightening, and extremely practical. Not only do Richard and Mike bring the concepts to life with tangible, relatable examples, but their rigorous methodology breaks down the concepts into their basic components so attendees can apply them to everyday problems. They simply elevated our marketing acumen and taught us to have more effective interactions with each other and our agency to ultimately obtain better business results. Can’t wait to have them back!”


BDNI provides an amazing framework for strategic marketing thought and organization – we desperately need something this deliberate for our consumer marketing org.”


“Working on our brands so we have actual content to bring back from it. Also, other brand examples inspired my thinking.”


“They taught us how to provide coaching and direction to the agency and marketing. Excellent training from very senior and experienced marketers to marketers”.


“Relevant to our brands – not working on a ‘fictitious’ brand. Workshop was very engaging with relevant examples to pull through the ideas.”


“I’m now able to make immediate impact on areas including the Communication Objective, Coaching, and collaborating with agency on the development of a Big Campaign Idea.”


“Provides us with disciplined approach to adding value in creative evaluations as well as setting ourselves up for success with single-minded focus.”


“They get us to think ‘outside the box’.”


“The material was directly relevant and feedback during sessions allowed development/ refinement of skills.”


“Provides structure and guidance on how to help marketing interact with agencies to get the best outcomes on building successful brands.”


“I now feel more confidence in how to manage my agencies more productively and to demand more from myself and team.”


Empowered me (through tools and knowledge build) to play an active and effective role in developing the creative brief.”


We now have frameworks for building cohesive communication plans and know how to use the frameworks.


“Fantastic combination of theory and practical application. Many ‘aha’ moments.”


“It’s great to expose the entire team to these concepts at the same time. Collaborate on topics that are directly important to our team (rather than generic ones).”


“BDNI provided the strategic vigor behind each stage of the market process and the science framework to allow for more of the art to be involved.”


 “The course had provided a very sharp framework, coaching me in a very specific way to write a detailed and clear brief which would enable the best creative outcome.”


“I though the instructions from Richard and Mike were extremely helpful.  Very clear and gave great examples.”


“Delivered concepts in a very professional and entertaining manner. It was easy to absorb the concept because it was being taught using actual case studies which I could resonate with.”


“The course was so inspiring, motivational, and enlightening.”


“They provide a fantastic tool-box to really start putting in key principles of marketing (some long-forgotten) into everyday activity.”


“Very useful tools; very useful hints; applying the tools to the brands/products that I am in charge of (very practical).”


“Thank you very much for your time. I feel lucky to be part of such a fantastic learning experience.”


“Thank you for “shining a light” on marketing that matters!”


“Richard and Mike are great. I now remember why I fell in love with marketing.”


“Richard and Mike, this was an extremely worthwhile course. Thanks for making it so memorable and engaging. I feel like I have tools to take away to help be better marketer or Marketect, Thanks.”


“I can affect the change and change the way we go about marketing a brand, with these new insights. I will forever think differently about the ways in which I market a given brand; the way that I coach (to add value).”


Richard and Mike are fantastic. Their experience and direct feedback lead to meaningful insights.”


“Richard and Mike are awesome and engaging instructors and their passion for making marketing matter shows in their enthusiasm.”


“Richard and Mike have substantive subject matter expertise and they provide real-world examples to illustrate the teachable point. This makes the instruction very engaging, memorable and credible.”

“Richard and Mike were extraordinary. Their ability to share their vast experience as well as maintain the large group’s interest and focus.”


“I’ve been to several “brand” workshops but this is the best. It was great to have two seasoned leaders conducting the course. There is no substitute for experience.”


Richard and Mike provided a framework for marketing with some key concepts that you would expect to be adopted by major corporations. The good news for them is that these principles are not followed by many which should keep them busy for years to come. I really liked their disciplined approach. I always feel better when everything ladders up to business objectives and have a measurable goal. It was a great feeling to listen to two gurus preach what I believe in.”


Thank you for the insightful workshop! It was easy to tell that you have logged many hours doing this as I didn’t feel like I was being educated as much as entertained. You are both seriously super intelligent and talented. Hoping I absorbed an ounce of your charisma and polish.”


“Richard and Mike are outstanding. Learned a ton and I have been in Pharma for 20+ years.”


“Provides structure and guidance on how to help marketing interact with agencies to get the best outcomes on building successful brands.”


“Excellent, insightful session! Thank you for candid dialogue and all the gems you left with us.”


“Everything that was discussed can be applied to our daily work – there was no fluff or useless information.”


They help challenge some ingrained beliefs and overcame inertia from having worked on these brands for a while.”