“I don’t want any pimply-faced MBAs “evaluating” my work. They don’t know what they don’t know.”  –Worldwide Creative Director


“If your advertising doesn’t have a Big Idea it will pass like a ship in the night.” – David Ogilvy


Coach, noun, a vehicle for transporting people to a place they could not easily reach by themselves.


Don’t evaluate. Add-valuate!


Assessing and coaching (to add value) agency creative is a must for everyone participating in the development of brand communications regardless of the sector or medium. If you don’t have a Big Campaign Idea then it is highly unlikely your advertising will be effective. Instead, it is highly likely that it will suck. This is true regardless if you are developing a DTC campaign, consumer communications, HCP advertising, viz-aids, etc. And, if you can’t assess communications then you certainly can’t coach to add-value to the creative.

You will also learn how to assess storyboards and print comps.  This program will also strengthen individual coaching skills towards the goal of providing sound direction to agency creative personnel.  This program may be further customized based on the needs of the organization to:


Assessing Storyboards and Coaching to Add Value

 For managers dealing with storyboards BDNI can customize this 1-day program to focus solely on storyboards.  We will share the essential components of a storyboard and what to look for (e.g., brand linkage, the idea, etc.), and provide plenty of practices for assessment and coaching the agency in ways to enhance the creative product.


Assessing Print and Coaching to Add Value 

For managers involved in print development only BDNI can customize this 1-day program to focus solely on leadership print communications (print ads, outdoor, sales aids).  This program covers the essential elements (headlines, visuals and body copy/layout) and provides insights into how to get more creative punch into print communications.  The program offers plenty of practice for assessing and coaching print creative.