Behavior objectives are the keystone habit to building a performance-driven culture and brand. If you don’t know if everything you do in marketing has a predictable impact on driving customer behaviors to generate incremental sales and deliver a favorable ROI then you don’t have a performance-driven brand or culture!


Why don’t you know the impact of your marketing? Knowing the impact your marketing has on generating customer behaviors is the difference between investing in a brand or gambling with company resources.


The Marketing-By-Objectives (MBO) Planning Workshop is designed to bridge the “performance gap” between Business Objectives (Sales, Market Share and Profits) and marketing initiatives. Many marketers go from Plan Business Objectives directly to tactics, overlooking the needed behaviors to achieve their Plan. Moreover, these same marketers have no idea of the impact of these tactics on business results. This is not investing. It’s gambling.


Program Objectives

The objective of the MBO Planning Workshop is to develop and activate sound, strategically appropriate marketing plans for the client company’s brands by:

  • Identifying and choosing Target-Customer segments
  • Developing marketing strategies and SMART behavior objectives for each selected segment
  • Directing resource allocation (including sales alignment) that will lead to realizing business goals (of sales, market share and profits).

It is geared toward making planning more productive and ensuring accountability for achieving predictable results.

It will also provide the basis for subsequent assessment of the productivity of the marketing effort and establish the foundation for the development of a performance-driven culture/ brand where everything that marketing undertakes has a predictable impact on generating incremental sales and ROI.

Marketers will work at identifying and defining the interrelated linking customer behaviors needed to achieve their specific Brand Business Objectives, and providing a basis for measuring achievement of them. The MBO Activation workshop will addresses overarching Marketing Objectives followed by objectives for specific Marketing Mix elements and (time permitting), in turn, tactics. It is directed toward ensuring accountability for achieving predictable results, taking the guesswork out of achieving Plan, and making planning more productive by ensuring a causal relationship between:

  1. Behaviors and sales
  2. Marketing initiatives and behaviors
  3. The sales force and marketing
  4. Resource allocation and sales growth/ROI

Specifically, managers will:

  1. Analyze business progress to-date and identify causal factors for any variances
  2. Identify “indicated actions” needed to correct or capitalize on variances to achieve brand Business Objectives of sales, market share and profits
  3. Bridge the “Performance Gap” between Business Objectives and the discipline needed by marketers to achieve them in developing a performance-driven culture, where everything that is undertaken is measured against expected contribution to sales growth
  4. Develop SMART Marketing Objective behaviors needed to deliver Business Objectives
  5. Develop a Demand Model, identifying appropriate Target-Customer segments for sales-force focus and Brand resources
  6. Identify Critical Success Factors for the new business year
  7. Ensure appropriate allocation of marketing support funding
  8. Begin institutionalizing a measurement process to assess the productivity of their marketing initiatives.


Who Would Benefit From This Program?

The Marketing-By-Objectives Workshop will benefit all marketing managers (regardless of their level), particularly those who are engaged in marketing planning and/or execution – including those senior managers who are responsible for driving results in the marketplace. The organization will benefit further by including those comprising the extended brand team who are responsible for activities such as forecasting, marketing research and finance.


Key Deliverable

The workshop culminates with each of the participating managers developing a customized strategic action plan for their specific brand (in their specific market) designed to achieve their business goals and measure the results of their activities. This will not be application against a theoretical case study. The case will be specific client company brands/products. In other words, we will be working on sound, disciplined marketing planning and providing the training and coaching to make it more productive.