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  • The principle of brand positioning was very helpful to understand the background marketing science.


  •  I learned lots of concrete and practical methods to create campaign -- e.g., brand positioning, tools, etc.


  • Brand Positioning drives everything you do!


  • Lots of activities to think -- not just listen.  Realized simple but important thing that we tend to forget -- Benefit, Customer needs, visual should all be consistent.

  • Structure/simplicity/help with the "law" all very helpful.


  • Loved the scorecard/disciplined approach.


  • Very clear, technical, easy to understand.


  • Learned how to methodically create and critically analyze a Creative Brief.


  • The Creative Brief is essential for creative direction.  The brief is as important (if not THE important document) as the P&L.  It's a must to hae the highest level of marketing sign-off on the Brief.  I want to relay this to my team and stand behind it.


  • Very, very helpful tools served to clarify and connect all meaningful aspects of Creative Brief formulation.

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