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Attendees from a recent program had the following things to say:


  • I am fairly new in marketing, therefore everything was extremely useful for me, especially to see unrolling the complete process instead of seeing bits 'n' pieces without start and finish!
  • The program was extremely useful in identifying key areas of the marketing plan.  Enjoyed the interaction.
  • Excellent process.  Very thought provoking.
  • Extremely practical.  Broadens my scope to a GM's not only Brand Manager.
  • A lot of information in a short amount of time.  Group work allowed us to invade and conquer utilization of individual strength and gave a better understanding of marketing plan process.  Thanks.
  • Definitely you showed us the complete process step-by-step with real exercises and you had us think and practice the process to understand it.
  • Hands-on experience with coaching.  Strong emphasis on the importance of positioning/strategy and how it is essential to have it down before working on any advertising.  Instructors weren’t empty suits unlike most consultants I’ve met.



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