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Brand Positioning Summit
What Others Say




The following comments were forwarded to us after a recent Brand Positioning Summit.


  • As a new product manager, this course gave me a structured way to present ideas and strategy and it pushed us to think outside of the box to seek additional opportunities.
  • Applicable and real world.  Challenged our own approach to marketing... that is are we getting the "basics" right?  Are we as creative as we could be?  Great coaching!
  • Key learnings that I have not had the chance to get before.
  • Great examples throughout the training.  Knowledge and experiences of Dave & Mike provided continual personal examples of how to put concepts into practice and potential pitfalls.
  • It was great to have my team in attendance.  We will be able to test our positioning and refine our methodology.  I really liked seeing the ad examples.
  • Thanks -- really great course!

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