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Attendees from a recent program had the following things to say:


  • It will provide me with the technical tools to keep the strategic positioning and creative process on track.


  • I wish I took this course 2 years ago!  Thank you for a great course.
  • Having multiple presenters and lots of examples of advertising made the training fly by.  Presenters had a wealth of experience which added credibility to the examples.  Thanks!


  • Helped me understand how to develop a brand from scratch (positioning, creative brief, campaign idea).  Provided me with “tools” to assess creative work in particular spots and journal ads.
  • It will allow me to be more clear and focused when writing my strategy.  But more importantly, the coaching techniques will help me be more effective at work.


  • The principles taught are extremely relevant to my role at work.  My team struggles with positioning, needs and benefits.  The learnings will be valuable for my entire team.
  • I needed a clear framework for developing my brand position and I got it!
  • Energetic experienced-based teaching with humor.  Watch/do principle.  Clear what to do, what not to do communication.  Organized materials – self contained.



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