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Czerniawski and Maloney really get it.  Everything starts with a powerful brand positioning.  Now you can get it.  This book tells you how to develop one and then convert it into high-impact advertising.  A marketer couldn't ask for more.

Dwight Riskey, Senior Vice President
Frito-Lay International



Business is war.  Today, there are more worthy opponents armed with more information and resources than ever.  Creating Brand Loyalty is a timeless Zen weapon without limitation.  It will expand your mind, management capabilities, and capacity to create new solutions for increasing brand value and building your business.

Ron Hirasawa, CEO & Chairman
General Products & Services Corporation



Participants from around the world at the Johnson & Johnson School of Advertising have welcomed the practical approach and hands-on experience Richard and Mike have brought to our company.  Their contribution has been invaluable and a joy.

Richard Cook, Executive Director
Johnson & Johnson School of Advertising



From concepts development to creative execution, Creating Brand Loyalty is a valuable and practical tool for producing powerful advertising.

W. Leo Kiely III, President
Coors Brewing Company



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Creating Brand Loyalty

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