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Each of the BDN Implementation Navigator programs is comprised of a 3-step process with the focal point being a 2-day workshop designed to foster “intelligent collaboration” in guiding and empowering the marketing team in developing a competitive marketing strategies and/or initiatives to create “brand” loyalty.


For example, the Strategic Positioning Navigator is directed at finding the “strategic sweet spot.” This is the intersection of four vectors that provides for the optimal brand positioning. The four vectors are: the product; target group; competitive marketplace dynamics; and company capabilities. This intersection varies by brand and company. Failure to integrate and balance these four vectors results in positioning strategies that undermine the brand’s competitiveness and, as such, potential. In practice, positioning strategies are all too frequently developed without giving consideration to all four vectors. These incomplete strategies tend to be dominated by the target group (which is poorly or too broadly defined) and/or product (for which differentiation is merely a corporate rationalization versus a reality).


In order to find the strategic sweet spot BDNI leaders customize a work session following a market research review and interviews with core brand team managers. The work session will employ key managers from diverse disciplines (e.g., marketing, marketing research, product development, sales, agency, etc.) to navigate, with the assistance of BDNI Managing Partners, through a series of strategic creative exercises to tap into and crystallize the collective wisdom of the team through a process that fosters intelligent collaboration. Since each Navigator work session is only 2-days it is easier to gain attention, focus and a collaborative effort. Since no one person or discipline has complete knowledge of all four vectors, this collaboration helps ensure a positioning strategy is developed that considers and reflects the total picture.


Individual exercises delve into all the essential elements of the brand’s positioning – target group, competitive framework, point-of-difference benefit(s), reason(s)-why support for the benefit and, finally, brand character. These exercises will be conducted within the context of the client brand’s marketing research and product development presentations to ensure strategies are developed based upon the realities of the marketplace (as opposed to individual biases). Each thoughtfully designed exercise is undertaken by smaller, balanced teams of discrete knowledge groups. Outputs are shared with the larger group and adapted based upon the collective wisdom of the team.

Action Plan

BDNI will undertake the following 3-step process:




Review marketing research and conduct interviews with key brand team managers. The purpose of this first step is to gain insights into the category, customer and company capabilities. The resultant understanding will be utilized to design the Navigator work session.



Conduct a 2-day Strategic Navigator work session that employs the experiences and judgment of key client team managers. The team should be comprised of marketing, marketing research, sales, product R&D and agency personnel to ensure we leverage a broad base of knowledge in developing meaningful marketing strategies (i.e., Brand Positioning, Creative Brief, etc.). Additionally, it will serve to create a shared understanding - which will facilitate execution of the brand’s strategy in the marketplace to bolster likelihood of success.


3.   BDNI will assist the team in finalizing the specific strategy. This includes articulation of the strategy as well as adapting it based on customer feedback.


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