How We Operate

Brand Development Network International, Inc., consistently delivers creative, strategically driven approaches to brand building and growth through customized processes that leverage the client marketing team's talents.  These strategic approaches captialize on customer insights, company capabilities, the whole product offering and marketplace dynamics.  In this way we have been able to help our clients find competitive advantage in building vibrant brands.


BDNI provides marketing counsel and experience that has been built from assiting marketing leaders across many different product and service categories throughout the world.  Consequently, we offer clients insights on best practices from a broad array of successful businesses and brands.


Importantly, BDNI Implementation involves clients in a collaborative process (which, by design, mirrors those processes we teach and attempt to instill via our Institute training programs).  This serves to capitalize on the extraordinarily invaluable and relevant experiences of our clients, mitigate not-invented-here syndrome, build an internal "network" of idea-champiions, and empower managers to achieve marketing excellence.  The end result is something tangible that leads to successful implementation.