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Developing Power Positioning

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This program is for those managers and organizations that cannot take time for the 3-day Brand Positioning & Marketing Communications program.  This 2-day program covering the development of brand positioning towards the goal of transforming products into brands that command "brand" loyalty.


navigation, noun  1.  The science of getting ships, aircraft, or spacecraft from place to place; esp. the method of determining positioning, course, and distance traveled.


Accordingly, a Brand Positioning Navigator aims to detrmine the optimum -- as in the most competitive and compelling -- positioning and course-setting for the brand being worked.



  1. Build a competitive, differentiation Positioning Matrix to include:
    - An "umbrella" Brand Positioning Statement
    - Sub-brand Positioning Statements
  1. Establish a clear basis for differentiation for use in guiding subsequent strategic and tactical moves (e.g., nomenclature changes, packaging graphics updates, merchandising designs, and any advertising).



Some basic assumptions and principles that have proven to work in achieving Navigator Objectives:

  • Make the most of the "collective wisdom" of the full brandbuilding team...use hard market data, product use testing, competitive and company intelligence, and individual expertise to leverage this collective wisdom.
  • Engage everyone's full-brain -- left and right sides -- throughout
  • Diverge, diverge, diverge (for max options) and then converge
  • Look outside the familiar category boundaries as much as possible; steal greedily from other positioning success models


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Creating Brand Loyalty

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