Positioning is the most important “P” in marketing.


Competitive Positioning is how we want customers to perceive, think and feel about our “brand” versus competition.


Get beyond the physical product you sell. Think about the brand experience you deliver!


The Power Brand Positioning workshop program enhances marketers’ skill in the development of:

  1. A BIG Brand Idea and meaningfully differentiated brand positioning, to transform compounds and products into leadership brands; and
  2. Power Positioning to reflect the Brand Idea in everything marketers do so Target-Customers can realize the brand experience.


Program Objectives

The objectives of the Power Brand Positioning workshop program are to develop the Brand Idea leading to a competitive and enduring Positioning Strategy Statement, and extend these into all marketing initiatives, to create a leadership brand. Specific objectives for each are as follows:

  • Develop/Understand the Brand Idea to meaningfully differentiate your brand versus competition
  • Create a Positioning Strategy Statement, the blueprint for transforming products or compounds into brands
  • Utilize the Brand Idea and Positioning Strategy Statement to guide and ensure strategic integrity in the stewardship of the brand in the creation and execution of each of the marketing mix elements
  • Choose, and clearly and completely define, the Target-Customer segment to focus resources and better serve them than competition
  • Identify the two dimensions of Competitive Framework – the Literal and Perceptual, in creating a disequilibrium in the marketplace to favor your brand
  • Differentiate Benefits from features/attributes
  • Understand the 3-types of Benefits and develop/choose a relevant, meaningful point-of-difference Benefit versus competition
  • Identify legitimate Reasons-Why to support the Benefit and make it more credible to the Target-Customer segment
  • Appreciate that Brand Character is a strategic element of the brand positioning and how to develop an appropriate, strategically sound character for the brand
  • Assess the Brand Positioning Strategy Statement for technical competence
  • Display the Brand Idea and Positioning Strategy for the company’s brands versus competition to assess competitiveness
  • Develop Power Positioning to instill the positioning in the marketplace and create brand loyalty.


Who Would Benefit From This Program?

Marketing managers and their resource partners (e.g., marketing research, promotion, agency personnel, clinical, etc.), regardless of level, who are involved with in-market brands or pre-launch products.


Program Type

This is an intensive two-day course developed and taught by veteran Brand Development Network International instructors and consultants, Richard Czerniawski and Mike Maloney. The work is directed against the client’s brands not a theoretical case study. It is elaborated using numerous, practical real-life examples from around the world, in and out of the client’s categories, to nurture learning. It includes coaching to aid in skill development.