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Brand Development Network Institute offers relevant and meaningful differences from other marketing training organizations and programs.
  1. We offer a series of programs, not just one, ranging from the development of brand positioning to creating leadership marketing communications to discovering customer insights that are practical and immediately applicable;

  1. Our programs are based upon best practices worldwide;

  1. BDNI program is customized by sector, category and country to meet the specific needs of individual client companies;

  1. The curriculum was developed and is conducted by very senior, former client brand marketers, not advertising agency creatives or esoteric academicians, for marketers responsible for building brands and managing diverse disciplines and the creative development process;

  1. Each program focuses on disciplined strategic thinking and highly productive, quality processes and links them with creative execution (e.g., ads, marketing initiatives) to improve the probability of successful outcomes;

  1. The programs provide many practical tools to guide thinking and assist the client brand marketer in managing, assessing, and commenting on, the development of brand positioning, marketing and brand building initiatives;

  1. We train client marketers "how", not "what" to think in order to leverage their judgment and experiences; and

  1. The goal of all programs is to develop skills (such as assessing, commenting on, and coaching creative development), not just pass along information, vital to successfully leading others in the development of strong, healthy brands.



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