Marketers get the advertising they deserve.

 Demand more of your marketers to deserve more from your agencies (and sales personnel).


The Leadership Brand Communications workshop training program enhances the capabilities of marketers who are engaged in managing the development of the brand’s (most notably advertising) and salesforce’s messaging to Target-Customers.


Program Objectives

The objectives of the Leadership Brand Communications program are to manage the development of leadership communication campaigns. Leadership communications go beyond achieving high copy testing scores in marketing research. They contribute to the achievement of stretch business objectives (i.e., sales, market share and profitability), contain an ownable and provocative Campaign Idea, get talked about, endure for many years and work across a broad range of media vehicles (including the salesforce). Accordingly, participants learn how to:

  • Develop a strategically appropriate single-minded Communication Strategy (the strategic heart of the Creative Brief) for mass and sales messaging
  • Recognize and champion development of BIG Campaign ideas
  • Coach to add value to the creative product to create communications that generate real impact in the marketplace (as measured by achieving a SMART Behavior Objective)


Who Would Benefit From This Program?

Marketers managing the development of the brand’s marketing communications to customers – including those senior managers who are responsible for approving the communications. These managers would be involved in the development of marketing communications such as journal ads, TVC advertising, viz-aids, etc. They are also responsible for managing creative resources.


Program Type

This is an intensive two-day course developed and taught by veteran Brand Development Network International instructors and consultants, Richard Czerniawski and Mike Maloney. The work is directed against the client’s brands not a theoretical case study. It is elaborated using numerous, practical real-life examples from around the world, in and out of the client’s categories, to nurture learning. It includes coaching to aid in skill development.