BDNI consultants Richard Czerniawski and Mike Maloney provide highly experienced insights and leadership in guiding and empowering brand teams and their organizations in developing winning brand strategies and marketing initiatives to make their marketing matter more in driving customer preference and creating brand loyaltyEach is comprised of a 3-phase quality process that can be completed in 6 – 8-weeks. Our hallmark is highly engaging and productive workshops designed to facilitate “intelligent collaboration” and capture the “collective wisdom” of the complete client team in “navigating” to more effective, implementation ready solutions, backed by real commitment, in less time.




Brand Positioning Development

Brand Positioning Development behind a highly emotive, competitive Brand Idea. The Brand Positioning Strategy elements are highlighted in our book COMPETITIVE POSITIONING.

Creative Brief Development

Creative Brief Development to ensure strategically appropriate, single-minded direction for the development of leadership communications.

Launch Pre-Mortem Planning

Launch Pre-Mortem Planning to plan for success and avert potential failure in successfully launching new products.


Review marketing research and conduct interviews with key brand team managers

The purpose of this first step is to gain insights into the category, customer and company capabilities. The resultant understanding will be utilized to design the Navigator work session. Additionally, in the case of Brand Positioning Development it is used to develop potential BIG Brand Ideas.

Conduct a 2-day Strategic Navigator work session that employs the experiences and judgment of key client team managers

The team should be comprised of marketing, marketing research, sales, product R&D, clinical and agency personnel (as appropriate to the sector and specific subject) to ensure we leverage a broad base of knowledge in developing meaningful marketing strategies (i.e., Brand Positioning, The Essential Creative Brief and Launch Pre-Mortem). Additionally, it will serve to create a shared understanding – which will facilitate execution of the brand’s strategy in the marketplace to bolster likelihood of success.

BDNI will assist the team in finalizing the specific strategy

This includes articulation of the strategy as well as adapting it based on customer feedback.




Marketing Differentiation Audit

BDNI conducts an audit of marketing performance using tools that will enable us to objectify our subjective judgment regarding principles and practices for all facets of the brand’s current and planned marketing efforts (strategies and initiatives). This includes facilitating an ideation workshop with the broad based, diverse team to identify where the brand and its marketing may provide important, relevant differentiation to matter more.

Navigator Workshops

We offer a number of highly productive workshops that employ and leverage the collective wisdom of the multi-discipline brand management team (e.g., sales, R&D, customer intelligence, promotion integrity, clinical, creative resource personnel such as agency, etc.) through “intelligent collaboration.” These workshops generate a number of potential solutions that are honed via an iterative process to converge on solutions that enhance business performance.

Positioning Navigator

Develop a Brand Idea and Positioning Strategy to create relevant, meaningful differentiation drive Target-Customer Preference.

Repositioning/Prositioning Navigator

Re- or Pro-sition the Brand to overcome weak performance and regenerate growth.

Discovering Customer Insights Navigator

Discover “Legitimate” and “Productive” Customer Insights to generate more productive marketing.

War Game Navigator

Facilitate development of Alternate Competitive Scenarios (War Gaming) to identify vulnerabilities, leading to pre-emptive and counter-competitive differentiating initiatives.

Essential Creative Brief Navigator

Develop an Essential Creative Brief to provide strategically appropriate, single-minded direction for the development of Leadership customer communications that compel Target-Customer behaviors.

Marketing Initiative Navigator

Strategic Ideation to develop productive new marketing initiatives capable of driving behaviors and delivering a positive ROI.


Identify potential pitfalls prior to launch and recommended actions to avoid those pitfalls.

Post Launch Audit

This is an assessment of performance versus pre-launch objectives and expectations, identification of variances in performance and needed strategic course corrections complete with initiatives to enhance the value of the brand asset.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the Strategic Positioning Navigator or other Navigator programs.