That’s not an insight. That’s an unsight!


An insight must be both “legitimate” and “productive.”Legitimate and productive insights boost marketing effectiveness.


Most of what marketers attempt to pass as insights are “unsights.” Discovering “Legitimate & Productive” Customer Insights Workshop is a 1- and ½-day program to assist marketers in understanding, discovering and using customer insights for more effective brand positioning, or re/pro-sitioning, product development, marketing communications and marketing initiatives. Customer insights are “difference makers” in helping make marketing matter more.


Program Objectives

Marketers need to discover Customer Insights to better satisfy perceived unfulfilled needs of the Target-Customer; and create an advantage in:

  • Product Development
  • Positioning/Repositioning/“Prositioning”
  • Communications of a relevant, meaning point-of-difference benefit
  • Development of big marketing ideas …

to boost marketing effectiveness.


Accordingly, program objectives are to:

  1. Identify what is an insight versus “unsight”
  2. Define and identify the three major sources for legitimate Customer Insights
  3. Use tools to help discover Customer Insights
  4. Use the BDNI Customer Insight Template to display and validate the Customer Insight
  5. Develop alternate potential Customer Insights and express them in the customer’s language using the Customer Insight Template
  6. Determine the productivity of Customer Insights
  7. Apply a BDNI tool to identify whether you have a legitimate and productive customer insight
  8. Apply Customer Insights to develop meaningful product, positioning, messaging benefit propositions, and marketing initiative to connect and wind with Target-Customers

 Who Would Benefit From This Program?

All marketers (existing brand and new products) and marketing resource managers (e.g., communication managers, marketing research personnel, etc.) who support and contribute to brand, new product and/or marketing communication development would benefit from participating in this program.