The Management of Power Positioning and Really Great Advertising

by Richard D. Czerniawski & Michael W. Maloney


The vast majority of ads are mediocre — but don’t blame it on your ad agency. Blame it on yourself. This is the eye-opening advice of advertising experts Czerniawski and Maloney. They explain that most ad and marketing managers don’t understand their own responsibilities in the ad creation process — or how to marriage the delicate relationship with their agency.

“Building a dynamic brand is the core driver for the most successful long term growth businesses. Both Richard and Mike are extraordinary marketers who have built major international brands and contributed to the success of a wide array of leading companies. This book captures their strategic insights and is a tremendous, thought0provoking work that will help all of its readers to build stronger brands for the future.”

Bill Atchinson, General Manager, Celestial Seasonings



“This book will help both clients and agencies significantly improve the impact of advertising, taking it from ordinary to great. These approaches have helped me in many situations.”

Jerry Noonan, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Development, Polaroid Corporation



“From concept development to creative execution, Creating Brand Loyalty is a valuable and practical tool for producing powerful advertising.”

Leo Kiely III, President, Coors Brewing Company



“One of the most important pieces of work one ever undertakes as guardian of a brand is positioning. Richard and Mike have developed a straightforward, common sense approach to positioning which results in building a brand that has a real competitive advantage. A worthwhile read for anyone committed to creating brand greatness.”

Nannette Gardetto, Executive Vice President, Gardetto’s



“In Creating Brand Loyalty Czerniawski and Maloney provide marketers with invaluable advice for building strong, enduring brands. They also show you how to develop and nurture successful client-agency relationships.”

Joseph Doyle, President/CEO, BGMHealth Communications



“Creating Brand Loyalty addresses the most important issue in a marketer’s life-brand positioning. The concept of Power Positioning is the link to great advertising. Improved brand power can only result through the application of disciplines presented in this book.”

Frank A. Sajovic, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Pharmavite Corporation



“The primary responsibility of a marketer is the building and development of the brand. It’s a company’s most important asset. Richard and Mike share a lifetime of knowledge, demonstrating how to do it with excellence. Their book is a must read for anyone interested in building the value of his or her company.”

Dave Ellis, General Manager, Xerox Corporation



“It is refreshing to see a book about marketing that has practical application and is written by individuals who have “been there, done that”. IF you are interested in a book that provides practical marketing advice with a process and tools to execute it with excellence, Creating Brand Loyalty is a must read.”

Shelley Spencer, Vice President, Global Category Director, OTC, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company



“Richard and Mike’s book is the perfect roadmap for developing the “Power” Brand Positioning and bringing it to life in the marketplace.”

Ellen S. Hoenig, Vice President, Consumer Marketing, U.S. Pharmaceutical Group, Bristol-Myers Squibb



“Richard and Mike have a rich and enviable set of client and consulting experiences from their contribution to the success of leading brands such as Coke, Folger’s coffee, Reach toothbrush, Band-Aid adhesive bandages, and Tropicana orange juice. They know what works best and, importantly, how to teach it. They offer a guide to the best practices and thinking in the industry.”

From the Foreword by Peter N. Larson, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Brunswick Corporation



“The best friend a smart, aspiring marketing manager or creative director can have is this smart book to work with!”

From the Foreword by Hank Seiden, Chairman, The Seiden Group



“The most impactful and practical brand building resource I’ve ever come across. This book provides a wonderful foundation for developing superior strategies, advertising copy, and client/agency relationships. I tip my hat to both Richard and Mike, for as teachers, they have found a way to translate life experiences into advice and solutions that work.”

Christopher J. New, Senior Director, Marketing and Business Development, Tropicana Products, Inc.



“Lately, many advertisers have been seduced by technology and nonsensical ‘creativity’ – resulting in a profusion of ineffective, execution-driven advertising. Creating Brand Loyalty is a refreshing return to the fundamentals: strategic thinking, competitive positioning, and building brands.”

Fran Furtner, President, MRA Advertising/Positioning Service Support Incorporated



“Being a great marketer is hard! And frankly, there is much too little written about how to be one. Creating Brand Loyalty is that rare collection of practical wisdom where both marketers and agencies can learn together the hard, simple truths about building great brands. If you apply what Richard and Michael are teaching, the notion that clients get the work they deserve will, in fact, mean they’ve gotten great work and everyone will be better for it.”

William J. McDonough, Jr., Executive Vice President, Foote, Cone & Belding, NY