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Competencies Brand Positioning & Marketing College Leadership Communication College Marketing Analysis Planning Seminar College Concept Writing & Training Development College Consumer Insights College
Segment the Market          
Define Target Customer          
Create Brand Positioning Strategy          
Execute the Brand Positioning Strategy          
Develop the Selling Proposition          
Develop the Communication Strategy          
Direct/Brief Resource Teams          
Provide Value-Added Feedback          
Provide Clear, Strategically Appropriate Feedback          
Fundamentals of Effective Communications          
Discover Customer Insights          
Develop Creative Brief          
Identify and Develop Campaign Ideas          
Recognize the BIG Idea          
Develop Complete Ideas          
Write Effective Marketing Research Concepts          
Analyze Competitive Communications          
Assess Effectiveness of Marketing Communications          
Build Brand Equity          
Develop Marketing Plan          
Sales Forecasting          
Understand Link Between Customer Attitudes/Behaviors          
Identify Key Factors for Success          
Dev. SMART Objectives & Objectives          
Develop Marketing Objective          
Define the Brand Role          
Manage Brand Profitability          
Allocate Resources to Maximize ROI          
Think Strategically          


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