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Assessing the Big Campaign Ideas

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This is a 1-day program adapted from the 3-day High Impact Ad Development program.  It's all about recognizing the Campaign Idea, assessing its value and coaching the agency to make it even more productive in winning customers in the marketplace.


The Campaign Idea is the thing when it comes to leadership communications.  As David Ogilvy remarked, "unless your advertising contains a big (Campaign) idea, it will pass like a ship in the night."  This program is all about recognizing the Campaign Idea, assessing its valaue and coaching the agency to make it even more productive in winning customers in the marketplace through your brand's marketing communications.



  1. Understand the role of the Campaign Idea in driving memorable Strategic Communication in the marketplace;


  1. Learn the components of the Campaign Idea (i.e., Naked Idea, Key Copy Words and Core Dramatization) and appreciate how they need to be in synch to register a single-minded message with the Target Audience;


  1. Learn how to identify the Campaign Idea in any communications (if an idea is truly present);


  1. Learn how to assess the Campaign Idea for being on-strategy AND motivating the Target-Audience behavior to achieve the Marketing Objective;


  1. Use Tissue Meetings to get a plethora of raw Campaign Ideas to generate more and better quality ideas in less time;


  1. Coach the agency to add value to the productivity of the Campaign Idea;


  1. Determine the difference between a mediocre and BIG Campaign Idea; and  


  1. Gain knowledge of alternate ways to optimize the value of key Campaign Idea components.



  1. Appreciate the role of execution in driving impact in the marketplace by capturing interest and engaging the Target-Audience in the Campaign Idea through the message delivery;
  1. Appreciate principles of leadeership print advertising;
  1. Understanddifferent TVC execution formats and their impact on Target-Audience memorability;
  1. Learn the components of storyboards and how to assess them;
  1. Coach to add value to the storyboard to realize the potential of the Campaign Idea;
  1. Gain practice assessing and coaching storyboards; and
  1. Develop communications with strong brand linkage such that the Target-Audience will remember the brand and its benefit from the communications.


This intensive 3-day course developed and taught by Brand Development Network International instructors and consultants, using customized cases with numerous, practical real-life examples from around the world combined with plenty of "hands-on" experience.

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