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Michael Maloney


Michael Maloney (Mike) is a managing partner with Brand Development Network International.  Mike has held key marketing positions with Procter & Gamble, the Coca-Cola Company, Tropicana Products, and PepsiCo.  During his 7-year tenure with PepsiCo he worked in both the domestic and international snack businesses.  At Frito-Lay, he served as Vice President of their "Salty Snack" portfolio; he also served as the General Manager of their overall snack operations in the Northeast and Midwest territories of the U.S.  And, with PepsiCo Foods International (now known as Frito-Lay International), he led the worldwide marketing team.  Mike has contributed to the successes of such well-known brands as Puffs Facial Tissue, Sprite, Coca-Cola, Tropicana Pure Premium, Doritos Tortilla Chips and Ruffles Potato Chips.



Mike joined BDNI, as Richard's business partner, in 1992.  He, too, has led a score of critically important strategic consulting assignments for leadership companies in a wide variety of industries throughout the world.  He relishes his role as one of the lead teachers for the BDN Institute in which he, along with Richard, co-developed the Brand Positioning & Marketing Communications College and High Impact Communication College programs.




Mike holds an MA in English from the University of Texas.  He is a former Air Force Instructor Pilot, and he has taught English at the U.S. Air Force Academy.  As a Managing Partner in BDNI, Mike co-authors the weekly e-articles, DISPATCHESTM, which provides marketing insights and tips to a worldwide distribution of over 7,000 brand-builders.   Mike is a life-long reader and avid race-walker;  he lives in Austin, Texas and part-time in Bangkok, Thailand.


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