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Fran Myers

Fran Myers is a 28-year veteran of Nabisco. Most recently she served as Vice President of Marketing Services (Market Research, Consumer Promotion, Media Planning, Media Buying, Commercial Production and Creative Services) for the Company.

During her career at Nabisco, she led Strategic Planning for International and the Biscuit Company. She directed the market research activities for the development of a number of significant new product successes including Snackwells, Teddy Grahams, A-1 Sweet 'n Tangy, and Milkbone Soft and Chewy Dog Treats. Fran initiated Nabisco's licensing program, and led the "first-ever" Nabisco corporate wide multi-brand consumer promotion event. Finally, under Fran's guidance, Nabisco's   advertising   agency programs and policies were streamlined and consolidated corporate wide.

Fran has served on the management committee of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and served on the NARB (National Advertising Review Board). She has been a guest speaker at the ANA's Financial Management Conference, where she reviewed "Best Practices in Agency Compensation and Agency Relationships." Fran enjoys international travel, treading, gourmet cooking and is an exercise enthusiast.


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