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This conference consists of 4 individual programs to enhance managerial competencies in the development of leadership marketing communications.  Each program offers a disciplined process to leverage creativity and comes equipped with tools designed to bolster productivity.  The processes and tools provide essential assistance in "how, not "what to think.  This will serve to leverage each participant's unique experiences and perspectives.


The following provides a sample agenda of each day:


Agenda - Day 1 - Discovering Customer Insights


A.  Introduction

  1. Defining Customer Insights
  2. The Magic of Customer Insights
  3. The Customer Insight Model


  • Qualifying "Legitimate" and "Productive" Insights
B.  Tools to Discover the Customer Insight


  1. Really Understanding the Target-Customer
  • Developing the Target-Customer Profile Spec
  • Defining the Strategic Target-Customer Tool
  1. Customer Insight Thought Process Tool
  2. Product / Brand Investigation Tool
  3. Uncovering Customer Insights - Tree Mapping Tool
  4. Customer IN-SIGHT Tool


C.  Paying-Off The Customer Insight

  • Linking It To The Belief / Benefit Promise
  • Exploiting it Via The Campaign Idea
  • Case Study

Agenda - Day 2 - Creative Brief Development College


A.  What It Is


  • Purpose
  • Examples
  • Key Elements
B.  Creative Brief Review



  • Assessment of a Creative Brief
C.  The Creative Brief Scorecard



  • Reassessment of a Creative Brief
D.  Creative Brief Development


  1. Marketing Objective
  2. Assignment
  3. Customer Insight
  4. Communication Strategy
  • Identifying the Communication Elements
  1. Brand Character
  2. Legal / Regulatory Mandates
  3. Approvals

E.  Creative Brief Assessment


  • Application of the Creative Brief Scorecard
F.  Coaching to Add Value to the Creative Brief



Agenda - Day 3 - Developing the BIG Campaign Idea
(And Coaching to Add Value) College

A.  The BIG Campaign Idea

B.  Key Components of the Campaign Idea

  1. Naked Idea
  2. Key Copy Words
  3. The Big Picture


  • Principles
  • Examples
C.  Identifying Campaign Ideas


D.  How to Assess Campaign Ideas

E.  How to Assess Ideas

F.  Coaching to Add Value

G.  Client-Agency Role Playing


  • Coaching the Coach
H.  Key Learnings



Agenda - Day 4 - High Impact Communications Execution
(and Coaching to Add Value) College


A.  Value of Execution


  • Role in Creating Impact
  • The BIG Idea
B.  Getting to Leadership Print Execution



  • The Campaign Idea
  • Execution Formats
  • Twisting the Ad
  • Use of Branding Elements
  • How to Assess Print - Exercise
C.  Winning TVC Execution



  • Execution Formats
D.  How to Make Your Advertising More Compelling



  • Compelling Techniques
E.  How to Deal with Storyboard Presentations



  • Role
  • Key Elements
  • How to Assess a Storyboard
  • Storyboard Assessment - Exercise
F.  Establishing Favorable Brand Linkage



  • Definition
  • Favorable versus Unfavorable
  • Key Principles
G.  Coaching to Add Value



  • Principles
H.  Role Playing - Storyboard Presentations


I.  What You Need to Know About Commercial Production

J.  Key Learnings


For more information, please call

Lori Vandervoort at 800-255-9831 (620-431-0780)




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