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 Marketing Analysis & Planning
 (MAP) College


The objective of this 3-day seminar is to provide training to marketing managers in marketing management and, more specifically, developing a marketing plan that marries business with brand planning.  Managers will receive experience and training in the:  a) analysis of marketplace factors that impact upon business performance and brand development (i.e., key drivers); b) development of objectives, strategies and tactics; c) identification and development of essential marketing mix elements (e.g., promotion, communications, etc.) for the key business and brand drivers; and d) developent of a competitive plan.  The training session culminates with participating managers presenting their marketing plan for a specialty prepared case product to a senior Board of Directors on the 3rd-day.


The specific agenda items will fit into any marketing plan.  The key is that this goes beyond what many organizations call brand planning that is really business planning.  The emphasis is on the critically important components of a business and brand plan to ensure cultivation of both.


Day 1 - Business Planning

I.  Introduction 

A.  The Program
     1.  Objectives
     2.  Key Deliverables
     3.  Key Learning
B.  Marketing
     1.  Role
     2.  Success Requisites

C.  The Plan
     1.  Marketing Planning Process
     2.  Brand-Building Blueprint

D.  Case Study - Intro to Case

II.  Situation Review 

A.  What It Is

B.  Methodology

C.  Venue Market Facts

D.  Analysis
     1.  Market
     2.  Environment
          - Market/Environment/Trends *
     3.  Product Assessment *
          - Versus Competition
     4.  Company Audit *


E.  Market Segmentation
     1.  Rationale
     2.  How to Segment
     3.  How to Target
     4.  Case Product Segmentation & Targeting *

F.  SWOT Analysis
     1.  Purpose
     2.  Opportunities & Threats - External: 
     3.  Strengths & Weaknesses - Internal:
     4.  Example
     5.  Case Product SWOT *
G.  Critical Success Factors (CSF)
     1.  What
     2.  How do
     3.  Example
     4.  Case Product CSF *
Day 2 - Brand Planning

III.  Brand-Building Blueprint

A.  Brand Roles
     1.  Portfolio Management Matrix
     2.  Brand Lifecycle Roles
     3.  Attributes/Strategies
     4.  Examples
     5.  Company Exercise *
     6.  Case Role *
B.  Brand Positioning
     1.  What
     2.  Key Elements
     3.  The Positioning "Diamond"
     4.  Examples
     5.  Case Product Diamond *
     6.  Differentiation Check/Audit *
C.  Business Objectives
      1.  How to Forecast
      2.  Pricing *
      3.  Case Product Outlook *

D.  Marketing Objective
     1.  What It Is/Role
     2.  Examples
     3.  Quiz
     4.  Case Product Objective *


E.  A&P Marketing Mix Elements
     1.  Company A&P Elements
     2.  Review of Specific Elements
          - Effective
          - Not Effective/Issues
     3.  Screening for DTC/P Appropriateness *


F.  Key Business Drivers
     1.  Key Drivers *
     2.  Making Choices of Marketing Mix Elements *
     3.  Developing Objective & Strategies *


Day 3 - Pulling It Together & Presentations

G.  Marketing Initiatives
     1.  Brainstorming *
     2.  Choosing Initiatives *

H.  Developing A&P Support
     1.  Examples
     2.  Case Product A&P Allocation *

IV.  Marketing Plan Presentation

A.  Requirements
B.  Brand Presentation *
C.  Assessments & Debrief


* Case Product Assignments


Like all BDNI Institute programs the Marketing & Analysis Planning (MAP) College offers a disciplined process to leverage creativity and comes equipped with tools designed to bolster productivity.  The processes and tools provide essential assistance in "how," not "What," to think.  This will serve to leverage each participant's unique experiences and perspectives.


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