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Program Competencies

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High Impact Communication Execution College



A.   Value of Execution

  • Role in Creating Impact
  • The BIG Idea

B.  Getting to Leadership Print Execution

  • The Campaign Idea
  • E$xecution Formats
  • Twisting the Ad
  • Use of Branding Elements
  • How to Assess Print - Exercise

C.  Winning TVC Execution

  • Execution Formats

D.  How to Make Your Advertising More Compelling

  • Compelling Techniques

E.  How to Deal with Storyboard Presentations

  • Role
  • Key El;ements
  • How to Assess a Storyboard
  • Storyboard Assessment - Exercise

F.  Establishing Favorable Brand Linkage

  • Definition
  • Favorable versus Unfavorable
  • Key Principles

G.  Coaching to Add Value

  • Principles

H.  Role Playing - Storyboard PResentations

I.  What You Need to Know About Commercial Production

J.  Key Learnings



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