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 High Impact Communication College


A compelling idea can be lost to poor execution.  The High Impact Communications Execution (and Coaching to Add Value) College program is for managers dealing with storyboards and print advertising.  The 1-day Focused College program will share the essential components of a storyboard and what to look for (e.g., brand linkage, the idea, etc.).  Additionally it will cover the essential elements of successful print communications (role of the idea, twisting the ad to capture attention, etc.) and provides insights into how to get more creative punch into your executions.  Importantly, this program will provide plenty of practice opportunities for assessing storyboards and print, and coaching the agency in ways to enhance the creative product.


Sample Agenda


A.  Value of Execution
     - Role in Creating Impact
     - The BIG Idea


B.  Getting to Leadership Print Execution
     - The Campaign Idea
     - Execution Formats
     - Twisting the Ad
     - Use of Branding Elements
     - How to Assess Print - Exercise


C.  Winning TVC Execution
     - Execution Formats


D.  How to Make Your Advertising More Compelling
     - Compelling Techniques


E.  How to Deal with Storyboard Presentations
     - Role
     - Key Elements
     - How To Assess a Storyboard
     - Storyboard Assessment - Exercise


F.  Establishing Favorable Brand Linkage
     - Definition
     - Favorable
     - Key Principles


G.  Coaching to Add Value
     - Principles


H.  Role Playing - Storyboard Presentations


I.  What You Need to Know About Commercial Production


J.  Key Learnings


Like all BDNI Institute programs the High Impact Communications Execution (and Coaching to Add Value) College program offers a disciplined process to leverage creativity and comes equipped with tools designed to bolster productivity.  The processes and tools provide essential assistance in "how," not "what," to think.  This will serve to leverage each participant's unique experiences and perspectives.


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