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Developing Power Positioning




Sample Agenda


Day 1:

  • Set Qualitative Objectives:  "This will be a successful session if we..."
  • Brand Positioning Overview:  Getting a common language; reviewing some examples
  • The Brand Promise:  Contrasting the differences between Brands and Products
  • Power Positioning Concept:  Everything the Brand does -- well beyond advertising
  • Positioning Snapshot exercise
  • Strategic Targeting Exercise
  • Quick-Start Positioning Exercise
  • Review the 2-Dimensions of Competitive Framework
  • Explore both the perceptual and literal Competitive Framework options
  • Review types of Benefits
  • Emotional Benefit Linkage Exercise
  • Quick-Start Positioning Exercise
  • Reason-Why Exploratory Exercise


Day 2:

  • Umbrella Positioning Models Exercise
  • Competitive Assessment Exercise
  • Quick-Start Positioning Exercise
  • Strategy-Quest Exercise
  • Review Brand Character principles
  • Brand Character Surrogates Exercise
  • Store Visit
  • Top-3 Umbrella Positioning Exercise
  • Positioning "Diamond" Exercise


Day 3:

  • Review Portfolio Brand Roles Models/Exercise
  • Strategic Targeting Exercise
  • Quick-Start Positioning Exercise
  • Competitive Assessment Exercise
  • Emerging Portfolio Exercise
  • Positioning Implementation Exercise
  • Identify and Agree to Next Steps


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