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Discovering Customer Insights



One of the most important elements in successful new product, marketing or advertising campaigns is the discovery of a Customer Insight.  Yet few campaigns contain this essential element.  This program trains managers in understanding insights and provides them with discovery processes, and tools, to unearth "legitimate" and "productive" customer insights for brand and communications development. 


Sample Agenda

A.  Introduction
     1.  Defining Customer Insights
     2.  The Magic of Customer Insights
     3.  The Customer Insight Model
          - Qualifying "Legitimate" and "Productive Insights"


B.  Tools to Discover the Customer Insight
     1.  Really Understanding the Target-Customer
          - Developing the Target-Customer Profile Spec
          - Defining the Strategic Target-Customer Tool
     2.  Customer Insight Thought Process Tool
     3.  Product/Brand Investigation Tool
     4.  Uncovering Customer Insights - Tree Mapping Tool
     5.  Customer IN-SIGHT Tool


C.  Paying-Off The Customer Insight
     - Linking It To the Belief/Benefit Promise
     - Exploiting it via the Campaign Idea
     - Case Study



Like all BDNI Institute programs the Discovering Customer Insights College offers a disciplined process to leverage creativity and comes equipped with tools designed to bolster productivity.  The processes and tools provide essential assistance in "how," not "what," to think.  This will serve to leverage each participant's unique experiences and perspectives.


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