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All workshops are completely customized for the individual client needs.  Therefore, this agenda should be considered a sample only.


Sample Agenda


A.  Overview


B.  Identifying and defining the strategically appropriate
    Target-Audience for the New Product idea or Brand Positioning


C.  Discovering the Customer Insight and Point-of-Difference benefit
     of the product or positioning


D.  Turning the Idea fragment into a "complete" idea


E.  Writing a White Card Concept that Captures the Complete Idea
     and Communicates it in a clear and single-minded manner


F.  Assessing the White Card Concept for Customer Appeal


G.  Adapting the Concept to Ensure It Is Marketing Research Ready
     for Customer Assessment


H.  Global Marketing Competency

  • New Product Planning
  • Customer Targeting
  • Discovering Customer Insights
  • Brand Positioning Development
  • Idea Development and Articulation
  • Concept Writing

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