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Monday, April 28, 2014




Your marketing communications (as in advertising) don’t work, do they? But you’re not alone. Most of what passes for so-called communications to customers don’t work where it really matters, to motivate behavior. Why don’t they work? The majority of marketers will state that traditional media is the reason. (They’re the ones that go chasing alternate, or new, media and generate equally ineffective results.) Yet, we do witness brands that have been very successful using traditional media. Others will claim that their agency is the problem. (And, agencies will point their collective finger at clients.) Yet these same agencies will share successes they are experiencing with other clients. Then there are those who try to explain it away by asserting lack of category involvement or that their customers (particularly if they are medical professionals) are not influenced by advertising. However, once again, we find that some brands in these same categories, targeting these same customers, are able to generate growth rates that outpace the category and build loyal franchises. Every marketer to whom one asks the question has a ready answer. Yet none grasp the universal truth. Here’s our answer to the question …  (click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser to see the answer via video)

Richard Czerniawski & Mike Maloney


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