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Monday, July 14, 2014

 SMART Behavior Objectives

The Essential Creative Brief provides the direction for the messaging the creative resource team will use to develop the Campaign Idea needed to stimulate the behavior of the targeted-customers that will contribute to the achievement of the Business Objectives (sales, market share and profits).  One of the “essential” elements is the Communication Behavior Objective, which identifies the customer behavior the marketer seeks with her/his advertising. Unfortunately, in virtually all the client generated creative briefs that we review the “objective” of the communication is not a behavior.


 “Awareness” and “trial” are not communication behavior objectives. Awareness is a media objective. Trial is a promotion objective. Instead, we need target-customers to “adopt” something they have not done, or don’t do, or to “switch” or “convert” from what they are using to our offering, or “use our product more often.” These are behaviors. Achieving these behaviors ring the cash register. They each require very different Key Thoughts (i.e., benefits) to be planted in the target-customers’ consciousness if we are, ultimately, to achieve our Business Objectives.


Also, in the few instances where there is a legitimate behavior objective it is often times not SMART (as in specific, measurable, achievable, relevant to achieving the Business Objectives, and time bound). The ultimate measure of the effectiveness of the communications is whether it drives sales in the marketplace. We need to identify what we expect so that we can measure (i.e., inspect) for it. It also serves to make clear the task of the communications.


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