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  Rapid Returns
   New Product Concept Development

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Rapid Returns

Research Ready New Product Concept Development


Rapid Returns Research Ready New Product Concept Development – The trouble with new product development is that it takes too long. This is exacerbated by a late start. It seems new products aren’t ready when we need them to work in the marketplace. That’s why we created Rapid Returns. The highlight is a 2- to 3-day ideation session with the core brand new products’ team (and select creative outsiders) in which a separate creative team (consisting of copy writers and art directors) concurrently create illustrated concepts for new product ideas as they are being generated. The output from the workshop is research ready concepts. BDNI has an arrangement with marketing research suppliers who can get projectable quantitative feedback results within 2-weeks. The result is better ideas faster! Fee is dependent upon creative resources, etc.


Rapid Returns will enable the client team to load the new product pipeline with market research proven product concepts in about one month from ideation.  It’s not just a way to speed new product development but develop better quality new product concepts.

Key Deliverables

Key deliverables of the Rapid Returns are as follows:


  • Generate new product ideas


  • Take idea “fragments” and transform them to “complete” product ideas


  • Short-Form new product concept ideas to flush out those ideas judged by the team to have merit, leading to …


  • Finished (marketing research ready) new product concepts from those short-form concept ideas that the team wishes to consider for market research testing


  • Fast-cycle turnaround of valid and statistically projectable market research testing of concepts.



All ideation will be guided toward developing new product concepts in the strategic area targeted by the client.

Action Plan

In order to achieve the aforementioned deliverables BDNI proposes to undertake the following action plan steps beginning on the next page:

1. Planning


  • Prior to designing ideation BDNI will review available research conducted by the client company. This will be used to design the session so that ideation is directed at strategically appropriate targets and areas. As per the targets we write character sketches getting at demo-psychographics, attitudes, usage behaviors and needs (i.e., rational and emotional) for key target groups. These are used when participants identify the specific target for their product idea and to direct ideation efforts. Outputs: Important market research facts; Target Group Character Sketches; Strategic areas for targeted ideation.




  • Additionally, BDNI would engage an expert in the field from its network to search the Internet to gather the latest information available regarding the strategic areas. This would be utilized to identify potential new product concepts, gain insights into strategic ingredients and technologies, and trends in the field, and stimulate thinking regarding strategic areas for ideation. Outputs: New product ideas; Strategic areas for ideation; Strategic ingredients and technologies; Important category trends.




  • Packaging architecture is identified for new product concepts by the client team (optional - as appropriate). These are packaging silhouettes, each coded with a letter-number. Participants in the ideation choose from the packaging silhouettes in identifying a packaging type that best serves as the delivery vehicle for their idea. Our creative team integrates illustrated packaging in the finished concept. Outputs: Packaging silhouettes for concept development.




  • Discussion takes place regarding the type of market research testing (quantitative and/or qualitative), suppliers are identified and the design is developed. Outputs: Marketing research plan for implementation upon completion of the new product concepts.


2. Strategic Ideation

This represents the kick-off event. Week 1 we conduct strategic ideation with your team and BDNI creative resources. During a 2 and 1/2-day work session we expect to develop a plethora of idea nuggets, from which we will develop short-form concepts for about ½ of them (i.e., those for whom the team express an interest), and from there ½-as many again detailed concepts (depending upon the creativity of participants). Team champions select the top ideas for further refinement and subsequent market research testing. 


Participants in the Rapid Returns ideation session generate idea fragments in response to BDNI created exercises, and write rough “short-form” new product concepts, which transform idea fragments into complete ideas. The short-form new product concepts are comprised of: target group (taken from the character sketch); proposed name (for illustrative purposes); benefits; reason-why support (i.e., strategic ingredients, delivery form, etc.); coupled with identification of the package silhouette code. Outputs: Specs for creative new product concept development.


A wall is created of these short-form concepts, which are organized into strategic groupings to display the team’s thinking. Short-form concepts are assessed using specific criteria (e.g., uniqueness, market size, etc.) developed by BDNI with the input of the client management team to objectify the group’s subjective judgment. Those short-form concepts making the cut are turned over to our creative team for development into finished new product concepts. Outputs: Specific ideas for creative team development.


Our creative resources develop finished new product concepts using customer language in real time for those short-form concepts chosen by the team for further development. The basic concept architecture includes: package illustration with name for new product idea; headline to identify the benefit; sub-head to clarify the benefit and link with placeholder brand name and designator; body copy that quantifies the idea (e.g., contains reasons-why) to make it meaningful and believable. Additionally, we include client suggested pricing where appropriate. Outputs: Finished new product concepts.


The session concludes with key members of the client team selecting up to 20 finished new product concepts for market research testing and identifying direction for further enhancements. Outputs: Identification of concepts for marketing research testing; direction for enhancing finished creative concepts.


The team should be comprised of diverse client company disciplines (e.g., marketing research, product development, marketing, etc.) in order to gain a whole perspective. This will not only ensure whole thinking but will engage the diverse disciplines in a common cause creating champions and resulting in a collaborative product.



3. Quantitative Ready Concepts
  • Week 2 the BDNI team revises concepts as per the direction of the client team. Outputs: Marketing research ready new product concepts.



4.  Quantitative Customer Response

  •  If the client chooses quantitative research Weeks 3 and 4 are devoted to conducting and analyzing the research.  Concepts for quantitative research go into a field research system that spans more than 120 markets.  The field research offices are briefed and a pilot test is conducted prior to rolling-out the research.
  • Quantitative screening is conducted using one-on-one interviews with each respondent evaluating no more than 6 concepts. Outputs: Concepts ranked by Purchase Interest coupled with other relevant measures (e.g., usage/purchase rate, etc.) determined during the planning stage.


Benefits of Rapid Returns


We believe there are a number of important benefits from the Rapid Returns process.



  • In addition to fast-cycle turnaround you get more and better concepts since idea fragments that have potential are not lost. Moreover, the idea is fleshed out while it is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Furthermore the team in focused against generating and building upon new product ideas.




  • You get a better utilization of people resources. Your time, and that of your diverse multi-disciplined new products team, is limited to 3 - 4 days versus weeks or even months of conventional consultant assignments.




  • The research is technically valid and statistically predictable to ensure market research proven ideas.




  • And, it’s cost effective since you also get quantitative results for the cost of a development project.




Adding value through expertise...


We take this innovative process and make it work harder for you with our development team.



  • BDNI partners plan, direct and participate in the ideation process. We’ve had significant new product successes in our careers.




  • BDNI creative resources are former senior agency creative people from leading ad agencies. They roll-up their sleeves to participate in the ideation and they (not junior copywriters!) write the concepts.




  • The BDNI associate marketing research team is a highly innovative and respected research firm that conducts more than 150,000 interviews per year in the U.S. alone. The team consists of experts in sampling, regression, conjoint and factor analysis.



  • Timing




  1. Planning – 2 – 3-weeks prior to collaborative work session.
  1. Strategic Ideation – Week 1.
  1. Concept Refinement – Week 2.
  1. Quantitative Consumer Testing – Weeks 3 & 4


If you are interested in learning more please contact Richard Czerniawski at or call 847 256-8820, or Lori Vandervoort at 800 255-9831.








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