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 Sunday, September 14, 2008


desire “de-sire” n a wish, craving, or longing for something

longing “long-ing” n a persistent and strong desire, usually for somebody
or something unattainable or not within immediate reach


If you are like us, and the majority of people participating in this exercise, you chose cell phone “Z.” But if you have made a purchase of one of these two cell phones you probably own “X” as do we. We along with millions of others own the Apple iPhone.



"X" Apple iPhone "Z" Samsung Instinct



Did we purchase the iPhone because of lack of awareness of the Samsung Instinct in the marketplace? The answer to this question is not only “no” but “heck no!” We knew of them both but chose the Apple iPhone over the Samsung Instinct.


What does this say about us? We believe we are rational human beings but we let our emotions control us. And, Apple overwhelmed our emotions with the new iPhone and their marketing campaign. In fact, they sold more than 1-million of these cell phones within the first 10-days. They could have sold many, many more but for the fact that they could not keep-up with the demand. It took me more than 3-weeks to actually purchase my iPhone. I, as directed by Apple, checked their website each evening to determine if the Apple retail outlet near me would have stock the following morning. I even made calls to the store to get confirmation regarding whether the iPhone was, in fact, available. On one occasion I rushed-out to the Apple store only to be disappointed when I arrived to learn that they did not have the “color” I wanted. Believe it or not I returned yet another day when the black model was in stock. This, as Steve Jobs would say, is “insane” behavior.


insane “in –sane” adj showing a complete lack of reason


Did I “need” the new iPhone? No! The quality of the calls are no better than what I received from my Motorola and previous network carrier. Did I get all the features I wanted? No again. Did I “want” features that I did not get with the iPhone that were available in the Instinct? Most certainly! As mentioned previously, I wanted and continue to lo-o-o-ng for GPS (with voice command). (I do hope they will develop an application for this function along with one for creating video.)


Those very crafty marketers at Apple worked to create brand loyalty.


Create – bring a customer into existence

Brand – a special relationship

Loyalty – unswerving devotion

They created desire and longing in the marketplace. They made us want. Now people ask me why I chose the iPhone over the Instinct when I bring the differences between the two cell phones to their attention and acknowledge my awareness of those differences at the time of purchase. I give them rational answers such as, “I believe it is more intuitive to operate” and/or that “it synchs-up with my Mac” and/or that “I expect they will develop applications for these other functions.” But the real answer lies in my heart, deep within.


How do you think Apple touched our hearts and millions of other consumers? Think about it! It could lead to insights regarding the management of your product entry regardless of the sector, category or country in which you market. (Our answer, presented as Boats & Helicopters, will be revealed in a future issue of DISPATCHES.)



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