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  MX-I Program Overview

The MX-I program enhances marketers’ skill development in the development of: 1) brand positioning, to transform products (consisting of features and attributes) into brands; and 2) leadership messaging communications. Over 400 EMEA marketers have participated in this program since its inception in 2006. Participants consistently rate the program as being “extremely useful.”


  Who Would Benefit From This Program

Marketing managers and their resource partners (e.g., marketing research, promotion, agency personnel, etc.), regardless of level, who are involved with in-market brands or pre-launch products.


  Program Objectives

Specific objectives are as follows:


  Brand Positioning Strategy:

  1. Develop/Understand the Brand Positioning Strategy Statement, the blueprint for transforming products into brands;
  2. Utilize the Brand Positioning Strategy Statement to guide and ensure strategic integrity in the stewardship of the brand in the creation and execution of each of the marketing mix elements;
  3. Clearly and completely define the Target-Customers to better serve them;
  4. Identify the two dimensions of competitive framework – the literal and perceived, in creating a disequilibrium in the marketplace to favor the subject brand;
  5. Differentiate benefits from features/attributes;
  6. Understand the 3-types of benefits and develop/choose a relevant, meaningful point-of-difference benefit versus competition to encourage customer preference;
  7. Identify legitimate reasons-to-believe to support the benefit and make it more credible to the Target-Customer;
  8. Appreciate that Brand Character is a strategic element of the brand positioning and how to develop an appropriate, strategically sound character for the brand;
  9. Assess the Brand Positioning Strategy Statement for technical accuracy;
  10. Display the Brand Positioning Strategy for the company’s brands versus competition to assess competitiveness; and
  11. Develop Power Positioning to establish a unified brand and create brand loyalty.


  Leadership Marketing Communications:

  1. Move from brand positioning to marketing communications;
  2. Understand the difference between the Brand Positioning and Marketing Communication Strategies;
  3. Appreciate the role of the Communication Behavior Objective in creating marketing communications messaging that generates sales while building brand equity;
  4. Develop the Communication Strategy to identify the strategically appropriate marketing communication message to achieve the Communication Behavior Objective;
  5. Understand the role of, and develop, Campaign Ideas to ensure compelling strategic communications in all marketing communication vehicles;
  6. Use a tissue meeting to improve the quantity and quality of ideas within less time (than it currently takes to do);
  7. Assess the effectiveness of Campaign Ideas and comment in a way to add-value to their productivity; and
  8. Learn ways to continue to enhance the marketers’ skill set in the development and execution of brand positioning and marketing communications.


  An agenda for the program follows:



Day 1

Brand Positioning Strategy:

  • Introduction
    - What Think About Communication Example
      (Participant Exercise)
    - Objectives of Program
    - Introduction to Tool Box and Quality
  • What is a Brand (Define)
  • Overview of Brand Positioning
    - Role
    - Examples
  • Differentiate or Die
  • Essential Elements of Brand Positionin
    - Introduction of the Case Study
  • Participants Develop Brand Positioning Strategy
    for Case Product
  • Introduction to Coaching to Add-Value
    - 7-Elements
  • Identifying the Competitive Framework (Literal
    and Perceptual)
  • Establishing the Brand's Benefit(s) with
    - Difference Between Features and Benefits
    - Kinds of Benefits
  • Identifying Reason-Why Support to Provide
    Credibility to the Benefit
    - Intrinsic
    - Extrinsic

Day 2

Brand Positioning Strategy (Cont'd):

  • Developing the Brand Character
  • Pulling Together the Brand Positioning
    Strategy (BPS)
  • Coaching Participants' BPS
  • Creating the Brand Positioning Matrix
  • Practice Power Positioning
    - Examples
    - Pro-sitioning to Evolve the BPS to  
      Remain Competitive

Going From Brand Positioning to Leadership Communications:

  • Process for Leadership Communication
  • The Communication Strategy
    - Role
    - Communication Behavior Objectives
    - Thinking/Planning Template
    - Developing the Communication Strategy
  • Sales Messaging
    - Defining Behavior Targets
    - Key Thought Process
    - The Sales Message

Day 3

Fundamentals of Effective Marketing and Sales Communication:

  • The Campaign Idea
    - Definition
    - Examples
  • The Campaign Idea Process
    - Tissue Meeting
  • Developing Campaign Ideas (Group Exercises)
  • Role-Play Assessing and Coaching (to     Add-Value) Campaign Ideas
  • Identify Key Learning
  • Close

FYI, virtually every module will have a tool for the participants to use. Additionally, at least one team will present their work following each module and we will provide participants with the opportunity to coach the work in order to learn how to add-value to it and transform them into more effective managers. We, in turn, will coach the work and the coaches. Our goal is not to teach people “what” to think but “how” to think and then build the requisite skills so that we may leverage their unique talents.

Program Type

This is an intensive three and ½-day course developed and taught by Brand Development Network International instructors and consultants for EMEA MD&D, using customized cases with numerous, practical real-life examples from around the world combined with plenty of “hands-on” experience.

Location and Timing

This MX-1 program is the last one for 2011. It will be conducted in Barcelona, Spain, at the Avenida Palace Hotel (great location!) on 19 – 22 September. The program begins promptly at 11:00 on Monday, 22 September, and every day thereafter at 8:30. It concludes each day at 17:30 with the exception of the last day, Thursday, 22 September, when it will conclude at 14:00.


The fee for this program is $3,500 (USD). However, there is a $500 discount, bringing the fee to $3,000 for early registration. In the case of a cancellation, you must cancel prior to 12 August to avoid forfeiting the fee. You can, however, use a 50% credit applied to the next MX-1 program if a substitution can't be found for you.


In addition to the training cost, you will also on departure from the hotel be asked to pay for your accommodation costs and your share of the meeting delegate costs.  The delegate cost are estimated at around €500 for the full event, and the room rate is approximately €122 per night.

Global Marketing Competency Addressed
  • Marketing Planning & Execution
  • Brand Positioning & Development
  • Coaching to Add Value
  • Managing the Development of Leadership Communications
  • Creating Effective Sales Messaging
  • Providing/Setting Clear Strategic Direction
  • Creating and Nurturing a Productive Client-Resource Group Relationship
Additional Information

This program has been conducted throughout EMEA MD&D since 2006. Over 400 EMEA marketers have benefited from this program to date. Additionally, it has been conducted with a wide range of industries for Fortune Top 100 companies throughout the world over the past 20-years. This program receives among the highest ratings by participants for “usefulness” from among all training programs taken by marketing professionals in these organizations. Click here to "Hear From Others" who have participated in this program.

Delivered By

Brand Development Network International instructors/consultants who each have more than 35-years experience and have served leadership positions in in-line marketing and general management. Additionally, all have extensive experience working with many different industries (e.g., consumer, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical devices, financial, B2B, etc) throughout the world. BDNI instructors have been partners with J&J since 1992 and EMEA MD&D since 2006.

Program Size

The program is limited to no more than 30-participants. So, register now to secure your participation in the program.

Next Steps

If you are interested, please click here to register.   But don’t procrastinate. Act now so you can secure your place and take advantage of the special discount.



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