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Leadership Communications Conference


Open Program


The next “Open” Leadership Communications Conference program (meaning open to all attendees who would like to attend; as opposed to a specific customized company program) has not been scheduled at this time.  This conference consists of 4 individual programs to build skills in managing the development of leadership marketing communications.  These are:



Day 1 – Discovering Customer Insights College – One of the most important elements in successful new product, marketing or advertising campaigns is the discovery of a customer insight. Yet few campaigns contain this essential element. This program trains managers in understanding insights and provides them with a discovery processes, and tools, to unearth “legitimate” and “productive” customer insights for brand development.


Day 2 Creative Brief Development College – This is for managers engaged in the development of a Creative Brief. It will develop skills in providing actionable, single-minded direction to the agency for the development of a high impact marketing and advertising communications. Participating managers will be exposed to the Creative Brief Scorecard enabling them to assess and, more importantly, strengthen the Creative Brief to get the creative product they deserve for their brands.


Day 3 – Developing the Big Campaign Idea (and Coaching to Add Value) College – The ideas is the thing when it comes to leadership communications. Any marketing communications will, as David Ogilvy remarked, “pass like a ship in the night” without the necessary Campaign Idea. This program is all about recognizing the Campaign Idea, assessing its value and coaching the agency to make it even more productive in winning customers in the marketplace through your brand communications.


Day 4 – High Impact Communications Execution (and Coaching to Add Value) College – For managers dealing with storyboards and print advertising this 1-day program will share the essential components of a storyboard and what to look for (e.g., brand linkage, the idea, etc.). Additionally it will cover the essential elements of successful print communications (headlines, visuals and body copy/layout) and provides insights into how to get more creative punch into your executions. Importantly this program will provide plenty of practices for assessing storyboards and print, and coaching the agency in ways to enhance the creative product.


You may customize your training by registering for any one-day program, or more. The choice is yours based upon your perceived professional and brand needs.


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