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The Brand Development Network Institute is dedicated to training managers in the discipline and science of brand development, marketing and marketing communications.  The Institute houses a variety of dedicated training programs designed to cultivate core marketing management competencies.


The BDNI Institute offers "Open" programs for marketers from diverse countries, industries and companies.  We offer no more than two "Open" programs per year.  These are what we refer to as being core programs.  They are essential to the success of the marketers.  They establish competencies in the fundamentals of effective marketing and provide a foundation for organizational marketing excellence.  Each highly practical program is based upon "best practices and processes" and comes with a toolbox to assist the marketer in applying the learning to build brands and businesses.


The two core “Open” programs are:


Brand Positioning & Marketing Communications College – This 3-day program provides a comprehensive foundation in best practices (principles, processes and tools) for marketing managers and organizations leading to the development leadership brands through Power Brand Positioning and leadership marketing communications.


Leadership Communications ConferenceThe focus is for marketers managing the ad agency or creative resources teams developing marketing communications. This conference consists of 4 individual programs, one-day each, to enhance managerial competencies in the development of leadership marketing communications.



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