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Marketing Analysis & Planning

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The Marketing Analysis & Planning (MAP) College program enhances the capabilities of marketing managers in developing annual marketing plans. Importantly, it provides valuable instruction and experience to marketers on “how” to think to secure a competitive advantage for their brands in the marketplace AND achieve their annual business goals

Who Would Benefit From This Program?
MAP will benefit all marketing managers (regardless of their level) who are engaged in some facet of marketing analysis and planning – including those senior managers who are responsible for approving their plans. This program is a must for sales and other personnel who are entering/have entered marketing.
Program Objectives
The objective of the Marketing Analysis & Planning (MAP) College program is to provide training to marketing managers in marketing management and, more specifically, developing a marketing plan that marries business with brand planning. 

Managers will receive experience and training in the:
  1. Analysis of marketplace factors that impact upon business performance and brand development (i.e., key drivers); 
  2. Development of objectives, strategies and tactics;
  3. Identification and development of essential marketing mix elements (e.g., promotion, communications, etc.) for the key business and brand drivers;
  4. Development of a Competitive Plan; and
  5. Presentation of the plan to senior managers.
The training session culminates with participating managers presenting their marketing plan for a specially prepared case product to a senior Board of Directors on the 3rd-day.

Program Type

This is an intensive three-day course developed and taught by Brand Development Network International instructors and consultants, using customized cases with numerous, practical real-life examples from around the world combined with plenty of “hands-on” experience.


Global Marketing Competency Addressed

  • Marketing Planning
  • Category and Business Analysis
  • Conduct a SWOT
  • Market Segmentation
  • Developing Strategies and Objectives
  • Understanding Causal Factors for Sales Growth and Business Success
  • Brand Positioning & Development
  • Budget and Resource Allocation

Additional Information:

This program has been conducted across a range of industries both domestically and internationally. Participants cite that the program is “extremely useful” and highly practical in their assessments of MAP (What Others Say). Moreover, they claim it will aid them in developing sound business and brand plans.


BDN International instructors/consultants who each have more than 25-years experience and have served leadership positions in in-line marketing and general management. Additionally, all have extensive experience working with many different industries (e.g., consumer, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical devices, financial, B2B, etc) throughout the world. All have had extensive experience developing and approving marketing plans for some of the most admired, leadership brands in the world.


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