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Discovering Customer Insights

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Discovering Customer Insights College is a one and a half day program to assist marketers in understanding, discovering and using customer insights for more effective brand positioning, or re/pro-sitioning (Prositioning), product development and marketing communications. Its purpose is to de-mystify the concept of Customer Insights from the perspective of the marketer seeking a competitive advantage for her/his brand.


Who Would Benefit From This Program?

All marketers (existing brand and new products) and marketing resource managers (e.g., communication managers, marketing research personnel, etc.) who support and contribute to brand, new product and/or marketing communication development would benefit from participating in this program. Importantly, improved competency in discovering customer insights among marketing personnel is expected to benefit the company’s brands by making them more competitive.


Program Objectives

Marketers need to discover Customer Insights in order to:


Better satisfying perceived unfulfilled needs of the Target-Customer; and create an advantage in:       

  • Product Development
  • Positioning/Repositioning/“Prositioning”
  • Communications of a relevant, meaning point-of-difference benefitto drive customer preference in creating brand loyalty.

Accordingly the program objectives are to:

  1. Define and identify the three major sources for legitimate Customer Insights;
  2. Use tools to help discover Customer Insights;
  3. Develop alternate potential Customer Insights and express them in the customer’s language;
  4. Determine the productivity of Customer Insights; and
  5. Apply Customer Insights to develop meaningful product and/or message benefit propositions to drive customer preference and create brand loyalty.


Program Type

One-day course led by two Brand Development Network International instructors and consultants using a customized case with a variety of real life examples and “hands-on” experience in discovering, assessing the legitimacy and productivity, and exploiting customer insights.


Global Marketing Competency Addressed

  • Marketing Planning & Execution
  • Discovering Customer Insights
  • New Product Development
  • Marketing Communications Planning & Execution

Additional Information

This program can be delivered on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with the High Impact Communications College program.

Delivered By

Brand   Development  Network  International    instructors/con-

sultants who each have more than 25-years experience and have served leadership positions in in-line marketing, new product development and general management. Additionally, all have extensive experience working with many different industries (e.g., consumer, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical devices, financial, B2B, etc) throughout the world.


For more information, please call

800-255-9831 (620-431-0780)


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