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The Concept Writing & Training College program enhances the capabilities of managers in writing winning concepts. This program is actually a “training workshop” in that it provides training while concurrently developing marketing research ready white card concepts for testing with customers.


Who Would Benefit From This Program?

The Concept Writing and Training College will benefit managers i.e., marketers, product Research & Development, marketing research and communication managers involved in new product, brand positioning/repositioning and marketing communications. Importantly, it will immediately benefit the organization by transforming incomplete ideas (for new products, brand repositioning, etc.) into complete ideas followed by marketing research ready white card concepts.

Program Objectives

The objective of the Concept Writing & Training College program is to train critical new product or brand marketing team members in transforming idea fragments into complete ideas and writing actionable concepts on a just-in-time application basis (i.e., against actual new product idea fragments) capturing the “collective wisdom” of entire, diverse team. These concepts can be for the creation of new products or brand positioning/repositioning.


Managers will receive experience and training in the:

  1. Identifying and defining the strategically appropriate Target-Audience for the new product idea or brand positioning;
  2. Discovering the Customer Insight and Point-Of-Difference benefit of the product or positioning;
  3. Taking the idea fragment they are championing and convert them into a “complete” idea regardless of whether it be new product ideas or brand positioning strategy;
  4. Writing a White Card Concept that captures the complete idea and communicates it in a clear and single-minded manner;
  5. Assessing the White Card Concept for customer appeal; and
  6. Adapting the concept to ensure it is marketing research ready for customer assessment.


Program Type

This is an intensive two-day workshop developed and facilitated by Brand Development Network International instructors and consultants, using the client’s real world ideas. So the program goes beyond instruction to immediate application. BDNI managers go beyond facilitation to assist in development of the complete ideas and writing and adapting the concepts.


Global Marketing Competency Addressed

  • New Product Planning
  • Customer Targeting
  • Discovering Customer Insights
  • Brand Positioning Development
  • Idea Development and Articulation
  • Concept Writing


Additional Information:

This program has been conducted across a range of industries. It has lead to the development of marketing research ready concepts, which have tested well in the marketplace. Participants from all contributing disciplines (e.g., Product Research & Development) have found it helpful in both developing complete ideas and learning how to sell them within the organization and to customers. Moreover, it has assisted in creating clear-cut organizational priorities and productive working relationships across disciplines.

BDN International instructors/consultants who each have more than 25-years experience and have served leadership positions in in-line marketing and general management. Additionally, all have extensive experience working with many different industries (e.g., consumer, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical devices, financial, B2B, etc) throughout the world. All have had extensive experience in new product and brand positioning/repositioning development.


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