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 Monday, February 15, 2016





From time to time we recommend books, articles and videos that we believe are worthy of sharing consistent with our mission of making our marketing matter more.


We’ve recently come across the Brand Clarion, a fresh new voice, who is “Speaking my mind on brand marketing to strip away the illusion of ignorance and blind obedience to dogma in order to make marketing matter more.” We believe the Brand Clarion’s mission and messages are consistent with, and reinforce, what we try to do each and every week with DISPATCHES.


In the latest blog the Brand Clarion writes about the difference between efficiency and effectiveness in advertising. In this particular case s/he features a spot from Adobe Marketing Cloud, “The Gambler,” dealing with media vehicles and, more specifically, advertising on the Super Bowl. The Brand Clarion claims, and we concur, that content of messaging trumps efficiency of the advertising vehicle.


The Brand Clarion is not claiming that efficiency is not important but, instead, that true efficiency is a product of getting more bang for the buck, or whatever the unit of currency. As we have frequently stated, effectiveness is about generating specific customer behaviors that result in ringing the cash register. If the advertising isn’t compelling then, regardless of a lower cost per target-customer reached, the effort will not be productive.


Click here to read the article and subscribe to Brand Clarion. It appears to us to be a worthy source for information, and forum for discussion, on how to avoid dumb marketing and organization dysfunction in an effort to make our marketing matter more.


Best wishes on making your marketing matter more,


Richard Czerniawski & Mike Maloney


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