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 Sunday, February 20, 2010




We're pleased to announce that we have a new book scheduled for release around May 1, 2010.  The title is COMPETITIVE POSITIONING - Best Practices for Creating Brand Loyalty. We could use your help with it. We'd appreciate your thoughts on selecting a cover for the book. Towards that end we have included in this DISPATCHES the copy for the cover flaps. 


Here's a sample of what you might expect to see in the book.  Don't forget to take the survey at the end of this article.



Best Practices for Creating Brand Loyalty


It takes healthy brands to succeed in today’s chaotic, fast moving competitive marketplace. Yet, marketers are confronted with, and their organizations are contributing to, an “age of sameness” – where products and services are virtually indistinguishable. The result is that customers are commoditizing categories and discriminating principally on price. Offering more and/or enhanced features is not enough to win customers and create loyalty. It’s high time to move beyond product marketing to embrace brand marketing.

Brand marketing begins and ends with the development and execution of a competitive brand positioning strategy. The brand positioning strategy becomes the blueprint for the development of the “brand,” which represents more, much more, than features and attributes. In this age of sameness “how” one thinks, as in developing a brand positioning strategy, represents the critical difference in building brands that compel loyalty. Each element of the brand positioning strategy provides the insightful marketing professional with an opportunity to establish a positive experience borne from relevant and meaningful differentiation that creates an enduring relationship to drive customer preference and create brand loyalty.

COMPETITIVE POSITIONING – Best Practices for Creating Brand Loyalty empowers marketing managers through sharing proven principles, insights from leading marketing practitioners, practical tools, and real world examples to become successful brand builders – brands that connect emotionally to be upper most in the customer’s mind.  Step by step you’ll learn best practices that will enable you to:


  • Transform products into brands capable of comanding customer loyalty.
  • Develop a competitive brand positioning strategy to meaningfuly differentiate your offering from the competition.
  • Create a clear advantage through each element of the brand positioning strategy statement.
  • Identify, define and serve a strategically appropriate target customer group.
  • Create a perceptual competitive framework to guide brand development and protect your brand from being commoditized.
  • Compel customers with higher order benefits.
  • Make your benefits real to customers with legitimate intrinsic and extrinsic reasons-why.
  • Attract customers with a winning peronality for your brand.
  • Identify and display your brand positioning strategy and that of your competitors.
  • Identify strengths and correct weaknesses of your brand positioning strategy.
  • Establish your brand positioning strategy in the marketplace through the practice of Power Positioning.
  • Pro-sition versus repositioning the brand to engineer a competitive advantage that grows with time.


This highly practical and immediately applicable book is grounded in the real-life marketing experiences of Richard D. Czerniawski and Michael W. Maloney, master brand builders and instructors, who have worked with leading companies throughout the world. They have contributed to the success of well-know leadership brands that have earned customer loyalty such as Folger’s coffee, Coca-Cola Classic, Doritos tortilla chips, among others. In addition to consumer brands their experience spans many other industries including pharmaceuticals, medical devices and financial services to name a few. They have been involved with brands that millions of customers insist on buying in today’s competitive marketplace.

For all marketing managers determined to break out of this age of sameness to create brands that win the minds and hearts of customers COMPETITIVE POSITIONING – Best Practices for Creating Brand Loyalty is the essential first step.


 Potential Book Covers:


If you would like to see a larger view of these covers, please click here.  To return to this document, simply hit your "back" key.



Finally, here is the link to a very brief survey (6 questions) that we’d like you to take. At the very least it should be a practice creative assessment opportunity. Importantly it will provide us with your help.


Please click on the link below (or copy and paste the link in your address bar) to take the survey:


Thank you in advance for taking the survey. We’ll share the results with you and keep you posted regarding the publication of this book.



Richard Czerniawski & Mike Maloney




Richard Czerniawski

430 Abbotsford Road

Kenilworth, Illinois 60043

tel 847.256.8820 fax 847.256.8847

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Mike Maloney

1506 West 13th

Austin, Texas 78703

tel 512.236.0971 fax 512.236.0972

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