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Sunday, September 14, 2008




compelling “com-pel-ling” adj 1. Attracting strong interest and attention;

2. Tending to make somebody do something, make something happen, or be necessary


preference “pref-er-ence” n the view that a particular person, object or course of

action is more desirable than another, or a choice based on such a view


The cell, or as it is expressed in other parts of the world “mobile,” phone category is among the most intensely competitive markets, regardless of geography. The landscape is filled with large, innovative and nimble competitors such as Nokia, Sony-Ericcson, Motorola, Samsung and, now Apple, to name just a few, working in tandem with large network providers such as ATT and Orange. Additionally, each of these competitors offers a wide variety of cell phones to appeal to different segments in the marketplace. The choices are vast and considerable.


Fifteen or so years ago cell phones were a luxury. They were large, clunky beasts with few features. (Mine was a Motorola. It was about 12-inches by 4-inches by 2-inches in size and weighted around 2-pounds. It resembled a walkie-talkie, the kind used in World War Two. Battery life was a mere 4-hours of calling time with a max of 24-hours on standby. I still have it. It’s a museum piece!) Connectivity was a problem and dropped calls a common occurrence. Furthermore they were affordable in the main only to highly mobile business people for whom staying connected to the home office and/or clients was absolutely essential.


Today, cell phones are enjoyed by the masses. Who does not own a cell phone? We doubt that any of you, our readers, does not have a cell phone. Chances are that not only do you have a cell phone but so do members of your family – including your children. What was at one time practical only for a specific segment of the population is now available, essential and desirable to all. Chances are too that your current cell phone is not your first nor will it be your last. You, like us, have traded-up to a cell phone offering many more features.


In making our cell phone selection we balance “needs” with “wants.” “Needs” are essential, a requirement. “Wants” are something that we desire but do not necessarily need – at least not from a physical sense. We can all probably agree that we need a cell phone that has a long battery life. On the other hand we may want a cell phone that also functions as a camera or MP3-player. Unless you are a journalist, insurance investigator or field worker that needs to share a photo why would you need a camera function? And, if you already own an MP3-player (such as the iPod) why on earth do you need your cell phone to listen to music? It is amazing that what was one day a “want” quickly becomes a “need” (or at minimum a “standard feature”) in a new generation of cell phones.


Following is a partial list of “needs” and “wants” in choosing a cell phone:


Light Weight Voice Search
Long Battery Life Replaceable Battery
Text Messaging Voice Search
Favorable Screen Size Voice Commands
Voice Mail Camera

Video Camera

GPS (with voice commands

Live Streaming TV



One of my personal “wants” is the GPS function. It is a fun thing to have and use. I want to know how to get from where I am to where I need or want to go wherever I may be in the world. I’m also keen on having a video camera function although I’m not quite sure how I will use it. I only know that I have used this function with my still camera to capture and share an interesting happening. What do you really “need” and what are your “wants” in selecting a cell phone? Take a moment to consider your “needs”.


My Personal Criteria:



Now with your personal criteria in mind please review the specs (features and attributes) for two cell phones (“X” and “Z”) currently offered throughout most of the world. Please note that one feature, GPS (with voice commands), while not indicated in the chart is a feature of cell phone “Z.” Based upon the feature specs of each which cell phone would you prefer to have?



- Which One Do You Prefer?




To discover more about the cell phone you’ve chosen please click here to go to part “B” of this DISPATCHES’ article on Compelling Preference.


Richard Czerniawski & Mike Maloney

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Mike Maloney

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