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Creative Brief Development Navigator Workshop

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Crafting a Creative Brief as a joint Brand Agency Team is, quite simply, a best practice.  Unfortunately, too many marketers and their agencies resort to the antiquated practice of either the client or (more typically) the agency writing the Creative Brief and then "presenting" it to the other party for approval.  But this invariably precludes full buy-in or ownership (and even full understanding!) of the brief by one of the two parties.  The Creative Brief Navigator brings both client-marketer and ad agency together to write the brief and take ownership of it together.


Objectives for the workshop are straightforward:

  1. Articulate a tight, compelling Creative Brief for a brand's next key advertising-communication campaign -- with all essential elements completed and ready for sign-off by both client and agency decision-makers.
  1. Engender full-team buy-in to the Creative Brief (and thereby avoid later and costly disagreement or "plausible denial" by any one party of the agreed-to elements).


Specific content to be developed and agreed to by the participants includes the following:

  • Marketing Objective(s) that are measurable and time-bound;
  • Strategic Target Definition that incorporates demographics, psychographics, driving attitudes and current category dis-satisfactions, current usage and telling behaviors, and rational & emotional needs;
  • A legitimate and productive Customer/Consumer Insight; Point-of-Difference Benefit(s)  and supporting Reasons Why; Brand Character; and
  • Detailed Assignment Specs (media forms required, timing, budget parameters).



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