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Brand Positioning Workshop



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This customized workshop stresses "how" not "what" to think as it promotes a disciplined, strategic approach to:

  • Positioning
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Campaign Ideas
  • Execution


The client learns how to communicate in a common language while enhancing knowledge which, in turn, inspires great work. 


Also addressed is the process to leverage creative with the use of tools that improve productivity and effectiveness and further develop skill level.


The completed course is expected to yield the following anticipated learnings:

  • How to create a competitive, enduring Positioning Statement
  • Ways to strengthen your currrent Positioning Statement -- technically and strategically
  • How to discover and display your positioning versus competitors
  • How to implement a "Power Positioning" -- using all the brand's marketing elements (promotion, packaging, merchandising, advertising, etc.)
  • How to develop a strategically sound and clear Advertising Strategy (or any communications strategy)
  • What goes into and how to use the Creative Brief
  • How to use the "tissue" mini-process to improve the productivity of the creative process -- and get more ideas!
  • How to recognize, assess and improve the effectiveness of Campaign Ideas
  • How to assess advertising -- competitors', yours, anyone's
  • Technical fundamentals of effective print communications
  • How to run productive meetings/presentations with your agencies
  • How to recognize the basic TVC executional formats and their impact on advertising effectiveness
  • How to comment on agency creative submissions
  • How to provide your agency with clear direction to improve creative submissions
  • How to make all your communications more compelling.


Please note that since all of our programs and workshops are highly customized, the above offering may include, but is not necessarily restricted to, the above topics.


Sound like what you're looking for?

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