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  Brand Activation Workshop

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Brand activation is all about completely implementing a Brand's competitive Brand Positioning in the marketplace.  As such, the objectives for this workshop are as follows:

  1. Instill in participants an understanding and appreciation of the "Power Positioning" concept -- in which the Brand's Positioning equals everything the Brand does, not merely what the Brand says (in its advertising or other communications, for example).
  1. Improve participants' skills at determining the marketing -- mix element "sub-strategies" underneath the Brand Positioning (as well as the Key Tactical Initiatives that will implement those sub-strategies); and, ultimately putting all of these together in a "brand-building blueprint."


Over the course of the 2-3 day workshop, participants typically work in table-teams against their own brands.  And, ideally, these table-teams will comprise not only the brand management team, but also key team players from Marketing Intelligence, R&D, Sales Promotion & Merchandising, and Creative Suppliers (Ad Agency, Collateral Materials Agency)...all of whom play important roles in actually getting a Brand's Positioning implemented!


Key Exercises each table-team will work through include:  Identifying a Brand's Portfolio Roles (Corporate, Competitive, Customer); Articulating the Brand's Business and Marketing Objectives; Selecting the Brand's Key Growth Drivers (Including a qualitative assessment of the relative importance of each in terms of contribution to growth); Determining the Brand's "Make Plan" Initiatives, consistent with each Key Growth Driver -- along with a tentative timelines showing when each would most likely occur.  The workshop concludes with a completed "Brand-Building Blueprint" that links on one page the Brand's Roles, Positioning, Business & Marketing Objectives, Key Growth Driver Sub-Strategies, and Make-Plan Initiatives.



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