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Brand Positioning & Leadership Communications



The BP&LC program enhances marketers’ skill development in the development of: brand positioning, to transform compounds and products into brands; and leadership messaging communications that rings the cash register.


Who Would Benefit From This Program?

Marketing managers and their resource partners (e.g., marketing research, promotion, agency personnel, etc.), regardless of level, who are involved with in-market brands or pre-launch products.


Program Objectives

The objectives of the BP&LC program are to develop/understand the Brand Idea and link with the Positioning Strategy Statement and what makes for leadership marketing communications. Specific objectives for each are as follows:


Brand Positioning Strategy:

  1. Identify the Brand Idea (i.e., positioning theme) to create meaningful differentiation versus competition and provide direction for the development of an enduring, competitive and ownable Brand Positioning Strategy.
  2. Develop/Understand the Brand Positioning Strategy Statement, the blueprint for transforming products or compounds into brands;
  3. Utilize the Brand Positioning Strategy Statement to guide and ensure strategic integrity in the stewardship of the brand in the creation and execution of each of the marketing mix elements;
  4. Clearly and completely define the Target-Audience to better serve them;
  5. Identify the two dimensions of competitive framework – the literal and perceived, in creating a disequilibrium in the marketplace to favor the brand;
  6. Differentiate benefits from features/attributes;
  7. Understand the 3-types of benefits and develop/choose a relevant, meaningful point-of-difference benefit versus competition;
  8. Identify legitimate reasons-to-believe to support the benefit and make it more credible to the Target-Audience;
  9. Appreciate that Brand Character is a strategic element of the brand positioning and how to develop an appropriate, strategically sound character for the brand;
  10. Assess the Brand Positioning Strategy Statement for technical accuracy;
  11. Display the Brand Positioning Strategy for the company’s brands versus competition to assess competitiveness; and
  12. Develop Power Positioning to create brand loyalty.


Leadership Marketing Communications:

  1. Move from brand positioning to marketing communications;
  2. Understand the difference between the Brand Positioning and marketing Communication Strategies;
  3. Appreciate the role of the Communication Behavior Objective in creating marketing communications messaging that generates sales while building brand equity;
  4. Develop the Communication Strategy to identify the strategically appropriate marketing communication message to achieve the Communication Behavior Objective;
  5. Understand the role of, and develop, Campaign Ideas to ensure compelling strategic communications in all marketing communication vehicles;
  6. Use a tissue meeting to improve the quantity and quality of ideas within less time;
  7. Assess the effectiveness of Campaign Ideas and comment in a way to add-value to their productivity; and
  8. Learn ways to continue to enhance the marketers’ skill set in the development and execution of brand positioning and marketing communications.



This 3-day program provides a comprehensive foundation in best practices (principles, processes and tools) for marketing managers and organizations leading to the development of Power Brand Positioning and leadership marketing messaging and communications.


An agenda for the BP&LC training program is as follows:



A. Getting Started

§  Welcome and Introductions

§  What Think - What do you think about a specific marketing communication?

§  What is a brand?

      - Key Criteria


B. Positioning Development       

§  Definition of Positioning

-    What it is

-    Role

-    Importance

-    Examples

-    Need for differentiation

§  Essential Elements of Positioning – Thorough instruction on each element and its role in driving customer preference. We will share tools that stimulate “how” versus “what” to think. There will be scores of examples and participants will gain experience in using the tools against real brands. An exercise will follow each module and the participants, and BDNI consultants, will coach the work. The areas we will cover are:

-       Brand Idea

-       Target Group-Needs

-       Competitive Framework

-       Benefit

-       Reason-Why

-       Brand Character (will be covered on Day 2)



Brand Positioning (Continued)

§  The Brand Positioning Statement – Pull together all previous work into a technically sound and appropriate strategy (Exercise)

§  The Positioning Add-Valuator – A way to assess and strengthen the Brand Positioning Strategy Statement (Exercise assessing and coaching)

§  The Positioning Matrix – A tool to display your BPS versus competitors to ensure meaningful differentiation (Exercise doing, assessing and coaching)

§  Power Positioning – Executing the BPS in everything, absolutely everything the marketer does


C. Creative Messaging Development

§  Getting from Positioning to Creative

§  Strategic Messaging

-          The Communication Strategy – This is the soul of the Creative Brief (Exercise)



D. Fundamentals of Effective Marketing Communications

§  The Campaign Idea – The is the “center of the plate” (most important element in the execution of the Communication Strategy)

-          Definition

-          Ways to Dimensionalize

-          Advantages

-          Traits of Good Ones

-          How to Assess          


E. Campaign Idea Assignment

  • Live Case Study – Participants will develop 4 Campaign Ideas to execute

            their Communication Strategy and present them to the larger group  


G. Assignment Review

  • Role Play Exercise to Get Practice Assessing and Coaching Campaign Ideas – Each table team will serve as the agency to present their Campaign Ideas while each team will also serve as clients and coach the agency (or more precisely, creative resources) team. We will coach the coaches to ensure they learn how to both assess and add-value to the productivity of the creative work.


H. Key Learning – We will solicit learning from each participant from the program and get them to articulate how they will apply it in their work, encouraging implementation and institutionalization.


I. Integrated Communications – Example of how the Campaign Idea is used through multiple mediums to reach customers at various touch-points in their lives.


J. Growing Your Skills - Recommendations and Close


Program Type

This is an intensive three-day course developed and taught by Brand Development Network International instructors and consultants, using customize cases with real-life examples from around the world and “hands-on” experience.


Global Marketing Competency Addressed

Marketing Planning and Execution

Development of Brand Positioning Strategy

Brand Marketing Fundamentals

Development of the Communication Strategy for Mass and Sales Force Messaging

Fundamentals of Effective Communications

Assessing the Campaign Idea

Coaching the Agency

Developing a Productive Client-Agency Relationship


Additional Information

This program receives among the highest ratings by participants for “usefulness” from among all training programs offered at the client companies we serve. The BP&LC program is consistently awarded mean ratings of  >9 (on a 10-point scale) for usefulness by participants, which means that participants find it to be “extremely useful.”


Delivered By

Brand Development Network International instructors/consultants who each have more than 40-years experience and have served leadership positions in in-line marketing and general management. Additionally, all have extensive experience working with leading companies throughout the world.



We can accommodate up to 25 managers for this program.





The fee for this program is $2,750. This does not include out-of-pocket expenses for the participants (travel and lodging). However, for those who pay in advance with a credit card there is a $250 savings.


Timing and Logistics

TBD based upon results from the survey


Contact Info

For any questions and/or comments, please contact Lori Vandervoort, or Richard Czerniawski,, 847 256-8820.






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