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Target (Demo/Psycho/Attitudes): “Respected and Self-Assured Brand Marketing Leaders” with > 8-years of experience, some from another company (e.g., P&G, J&J, etc.) that valued marketing training, who are plying their skills at mid- to large-size multi-national companies with the ability (and, maybe even, the desire) to fund training. These managers appreciate and take pride in the training they received at a previous company, which they employ in their current, highly influential marketing positions (e.g., Group Brand Managers and above) in organizations that appreciate but do not have the same acumen, or resources, for training as their previous company did. These influential marketers are managing marketers who, while highly intelligent, lack the discipline and training to realize their full productivity in marketing brands. As such, this serves as a damper on the potential success of their current organizations and professional career.


(Usage/Behaviors): These marketing managers attempt to provide one-on-one training, may recommend and send their marketers for training to syndicated programs (such as those offered by the AMA), and, maybe, even have conducted limited seminars in-house for their managers. They may even serve on a committee tasked with developing a training syllabus for their department (e.g., Marketing Excellence). But due to the lack of systems and a learning organization, they lack the time to devote themselves to using their training to train their managers. They work in a run-and-gun style to ensure things get done and rely on their informed decision-making capabilities to minimize problems and capitalize on opportunities.


(Needs): They need turn-key highly practical and effective training programs that will quickly enhance the competencies and productivity of their managers in basic fundamental areas (such as developing Brand Positioning Strategies, assessing Advertising, discovering Customer Insights, developing sound, strategically appropriate Marketing Plans, etc.) to help them achieve more success.


BDNI is the brand of (PCF): Marketing Empowerment Partners competing mainly with (LCF): ANA programs, in-house programs, University developed programs and programs offered by consulting companies and ad agencies.


Benefit: This will vary for each product. However, the “umbrella” benefit is:


BDNI can provide the kind of classical training I received to enhance the competencies and productivity of my managers to help me achieve greater success for my organization, brand and self.


Reasons-Why: The BDNI Institute provides the following:

  1. We offer a series of programs, not just one, ranging from the development of brand positioning to creating leadership marketing communications to discovering customer insights that participants claim are practical and immediately applicable;
  1. Our programs are based upon best practices worldwide;
  1. Each BDNI program is customized by sector, category and country to meet the specific needs of individual client companies;
  1. The curriculum was developed and is conducted by very senior, former client brand marketers (each with more than 30-years experience), not advertising agency creatives or esoteric academicians, for marketers responsible for building brands and managing diverse disciplines and the creative development process;
  1. Each program focuses on disciplined strategic thinking and highly productive, quality processes and links them with creative execution (e.g., ads, marketing initiatives) to improve the probability of successful outcomes;
  1. The programs provide many practical tools to guide thinking and assist the client brand marketer in managing, assessing, and commenting on, the development of brand positioning, marketing and brand building initiatives;
  1. We train client marketers “how”, not “what”, to think in order to leverage their judgment and experiences; and
  1. The goal of all programs is to develop skills (such as assessing, commenting on, and coaching creative development), not just pass along information, vital to successfully leading others in the development of strong, healthy brands.
The BDNI Implementation center offers the following:
  1. The focal point for our engagement is a 2-day “Navigator” workshop.We recognize the urgency of your situation. You needed it done yesterday. So, we do not undertake multi-month studies, which drain client company resources (both financial and personnel) and result in opportunity loses to the brand.
  1. Navigator workshops are directed at finding the “sweet spot.” This is the intersection of four vectors (the “whole” product, the target group, competitive marketplace dynamics, and a realistic assessment of company capabilities) that provide for the optimal strategies and initiatives. These must be integrated to realize the full potential of the brand.
  1. Each Navigator workshop is designed to elicit “intelligent collaboration” to tap into and crystallizes the “collective wisdom” of the team. Since no one person or discipline has complete knowledge of all four vectors, this “intelligent collaboration” helps ensure that strategies and initiatives are developed that consider and reflect the total picture.
  1. BDNI Managing Partners facilitate each Navigator workshop serving as player-coaches, providing insights borne of their successful experiences with some of the world’s most admired companies and best known brands.
  1. Given that the work sessions are only 2-days, filled with interesting and creative exercises that are proprietary to BDNI, it is easier to gain attention, focus and a collaborative effort from all team members.
  1. Because the outputs are the product of the client team, strategy and initiative solutions are practical and ready for implementation.

Brand Character: Highly experienced and successful yet contemporary mentor who is able to quietly lead you to think for, and empower, yourself in discovering the best way to achieve your dreams.




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