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Thursday, March 30, 2017




"He is not only dull himself; he is the cause of dullness in others."
Samuel Johnson

As we stated in a recent DISPATCHES, far too many brands are, well, dull. As a result, they do not attract, engage or create loyalty with their intended Target-Customers.


The way to breakout of dullness is to create BIG, juicy ideas, starting with the Brand Idea, which we shared with you previously. Ideas do make the world go around. They will lift your brand out of the sameness that plagues and makes brands dull. Great ideas inspire, provoke, engage, refresh, motivate and activate potential Target-Customers to purchase, prescribe, use, recommend and prefer your brand. Importantly, they fuel ROI (Return on Investment). No ideas, limited positive ROI, if any at all. So we need to go in search of BIG, juicy ideas in everything we do to animate our brand.


This is a special video issue of DISPATCHES. Richard Czerniawski shares his thoughts on the need for ideas, and the many types of ideas. He will reveal how brands have used ideas to animate their positioning and marketing. We hope it inspires you to seek and be a champion of ideas to build an exciting brand capable of stimulating and rousing Target-Customers in creating brand loyalty.


Best wishes for making your brand matter more,


Richard Czerniawski and Mike Maloney



Richard Czerniawski

430 Abbotsford Road

Kenilworth, Illinois 60043

tel 847.256.8820 fax 847.256.8847

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Mike Maloney

1506 West 13th

Austin, Texas 78703

tel 512.236.0971 fax 512.236.0972

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