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Customers go to great lengths


in support of "leadership brands."


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The role of the marketer is to create brand loyalty.


Create means to bring a customer into existence.  A Brand is a special entity that goes well beyond the physical characteristics (or features) of the product or what it does.  It creates "meaning" for its customers through a constellation of shared values evidenced in its actions (Power Positioning).  As a result the brand enjoys a special relationship with its customers that drive customer preference.  Loyalty demands that the customer be devoted and attached to the brand.


Brand Development Network International is dedicated to assisting marketers and their organizations in creating brand loyalty.



The Brand Development
  Network Institute

The Brand Development
  Network Implementation


The Brand Development Network Institute is dedicated to training managers in the discipline and science of brand  marketing and marketing communications.  The Institute houses a variety of dedicated "Colleges" (i.e., programs) designed to cultivate critically essential marketing management competencies
in building leadership brands.







We provide highly experienced insights and leadership in assisting brand teams and their organizations in developing winning brand strategies (e.g., brand positioning) and marketing activities to drive customer preference.  Our hallmark is highly productive workshops designed to facilitate "intelligent collaboration" and capture the "collective wisdom" of the complete client team in "navigating" to more effective, implementation ready solutions, that are backed by real commitment, in less time.








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Creating Brand Loyalty

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